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Panther boys basketball introduces new head coach; starts slow

The 2017-18 basketball season for Parkdale High was a rather rough one under previous head Coach, Seth Coffing.  Coach Coffing led his team to a disappointing 2-20 regular season record along with early first round exits by the later 4A South Regional Champion Bladensburg Mustangs. Due to traveling issues, Coach Coffing later resigned as head coach, leaving Parkdale in a position to find an en…

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Alvin Chapman, '19

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Black History Month Highlights

In 2015, Mo'Ne Davis became the first girl to win a Little League World Series game as a pitcher.  Davis made history as a 70-mph fastball pitcher, but this fall, she will be attending Hampton University as a middle infielder.  Because of Davis, girls around the country can follow in her footsteps as Little League champions, a title that was previously only held by boys. 





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