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Parkdale welcomes new coach

Towards the end of the 2016-17 school year, Parkdale’s Boys’ Basketball team was hit with bad news from their coach. Coach Tremaine Price, who served as the PHS Boys’ Basketball coach for five years,  decided to leave and transfer to Bowie High School.

Some players were devastated while others ready for a change. It was hard for many players to transition back into the 2017-18 season though, due to the lack of a coaching staff between the months of June and November.

Fortunately, players had access to the Girl’s Basketball coaching staff who were more than happy to help them stay on their feet.  With the new coaching staff secured in November led by Varsity coach Seth Coffing, players were able to get their heads back in the game.

None of the players, however, knew what they were in for and the coaches may not have been either. It was an odd transition for many and it looks like they are still trying to figure out what is going on.

As of the January 11, 2018, the Boys’ Basketball Team’s record is 0-8, meaning they have lost all 8 games. This proved to be shocking to both the team and fans because they had won their scrimmages.  

However, the team admits there are still some elements of the game and the team that need to be improved.

“I think everyone needs to work on playing with each other instead of this ‘me’ attitude,” said senior Wilder Sebastian, who plays the forward position on the team.

The new coach agrees.  While the players do need to get rid of their “me” attitude, they also have to focus on what they can do to make the team better.

“Accountability has to get better for everyone,” said Coach Coffing. “Each player has to take responsibility of getting better at weaknesses and any mistakes made. Trust in teammates and playing for each other has to be number one.”

While many could be inclined to blame the new coaching staff for the team’s record so far, Sebastian agrees that it is up to the team to pull their weight during the game.  Coach Coffing may be there to create plays and offer advice, but what a player does on the court is on them.

Although the record, at this point, does not prove to be the very best, Coach Coffing has not been discouraged.

“My goal is to build this program into a successful team on and off the court and create pride amongst our players, school and community,” he said. “The future is bright if everyone stays together and works hard.”

While most varsity teams consist of majority senior players, Parkdale boy’s basketball only has four, two of who are the only ones who have played on varsity for the past three years.  The other players were either Junior Varsity or do not have as much experience on the Parkdale court.

Regardless of time spent on the PHS court, Sebastian expressed that an important part of the game is considering the team as family.  That is an aspect of the game on which he feels the team needs work.

“I feel like this team is selfish,” Sebastian said. “Just because of the players, they don’t always want to listen to instructions and only care about themselves. As for the coaches, they are fine but I feel the way things were set up, we are now at a disadvantage for this season because we were left without a coach until a month before the season started whereas every other team had been preparing for months.”

Coach Coffing agrees that in order to win, every player on the team has to be on the same page.

“I don’t think we are fully there yet as far as single player buying in, which has contributed to us struggling to win games,” said Coach Coffing. “I try to portray that being on a team and playing for each other is something that goes far beyond the game if guys take hold of that.”

Despite the complications of the season up to this point, it is not over.  The team could see a possible turn-around with a shift in attitude and emphasis on teamwork.

The boys’ basketball team will play High Point High School tonight at home, beginning at 7:15pm.