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Is Vine going to be a great start to 2018 or should it have stayed in 2017?

The year 2017 was a year for a lot of disappointments. Many of our favorite actors, singers, and performers–like, Adam West and Chester Bennington– from our childhood died. On January 17, 2017 Twitter decided to shut down Vine. Vine was a video sharing app designed to allow users to film very short videos that could be linked together in one video for a total of six seconds. RIP Vine: 2012-2017.

 Vine was one of the many social media apps that somehow made its way to many users. It was founded in 2012 and not long after was bought by Twitter. The news of the app that was shutting down was causing an uproar on social media.

 Many people decided to just start watching hour-long compilations of Vines on Youtube. Others started filling up their online storage with Vine videos. Vine has even helped people start their career on social media, such as Lele Pons and Jake Paul.

 Even though it has only been almost a year without the app, the creator of Vine, Dom Hofmann, ended up tweeting that he was going to work on a follow-up to Vine that would be self-funded.

 Hofmann hasn’t given much information about the features on the app, but he did reveal that it will have six-second clips and may have a live feature, much like the live feature on Instagram and Facebook.

 The account has also shared beta codes with followers, allowing access to all of the “new upgraded features”. This announcement has left many people are wondering  if the old vines are still going to be accessible on the new app which may not be certain.

 Some people aren’t as excited for  this new app and think it’s going to be a waste of time and energy that could’ve been used for something else.

 “In my own opinion, I feel that the first Vine has some positivity but it became very mediocre in a short period of time,” said senior Erik Arias.   “What concerns me is that the people from the first Vine will jump onto on the next one.”

The old viners jumped from this platform to Instagram and Youtube once they started getting more fame. Since then, the stars have been all over people’s feed. Everywhere one goes there is always some form of clickbait about the new “trend” that they’ve created.

 Many feel that the “celebrities” who were created by Vine were just a big waste of a platform and give others more reason not to enjoy social media.

 “ If it [Vine 1] would remain lowkey and not mainstream, like in its own world and dimension for other people, then sure that’s great,” said Arias.

 Many other former Vine fans agree. They feel that Vine 2 will just create the same attention as the first app.

 “Nowadays [with] almost everyone, if they have a social media account, they become popular and get paid over the stupidest things,” said senior Sarah Javed.

 There has been a lot of controversy if the old Vine “stars” should be allowed to go onto the new one. Some of the old viners have done problematic things in the past in order to get more views. Jake Paul, for example, went to the “Suicide Forest” in Japan and disrespected a corpse by making jokes.

 People like Lele Pons, Jake Paul, Carter Reynolds, Amanda Cerny, and many more have jump-started their careers, thanks to Vine. Some think it’s a good thing they took advantage of this new era of technology while of think others think not so much.

 Overall, there are going to be a lot of mixed emotions on the release of the app. Many can agree that there will be new content to look forward to and possibly new stars. Or it might just be the same cycle of problematic people becoming famous.

 Until then, at least there are the hour-long vine compilations that can help pass the time.