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MaxPreps Athlete of the Month: Vote!

Every month, MaxPreps selects two student athletes– one boy and one girl– from across the country to be represented as the Athlete of the Month.

According to the MaxPreps website, the student athlete of the month shows “determination, dedication, perseverance, personal sacrifice and [an ability to be] a positive influence in their community.”

Junior Markel Gary, a Parkdale varsity linebacker and running back, has shown these qualities throughout the season, making him a candidate for MaxPreps Athlete of the Month.

While some may argue that Gary’s aggressive attitude could keep him from succeeding in a football career, he is still hopeful.

“I have been grinding my whole life in this school by competing to be the best not only this county but the state and the country,” said Gary.

Aside from football, Gary almost participates in lacrosse and shot put.

Along with succeeding in sports, Gary also boasts academically.  For first quarter, he received a 3.3 GPA while enrolled in some AP classes.

Gary plans to make it to the top and ensure he does so smoothly.

“Don’t commit any dumb penalties like fights,” he said.  “And [I won’t] let a bad attitude hold [me] back.”

Vote for Markel Gary for MaxPreps Athlete of the Month by clicking here!