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Parkdale celebrates 50 years

Becoming a landmark in the College Park/Riverdale area in 1968, Parkdale High School is celebrating its mid-centennial this year. Embedding the “Greatness and Nothing Less” mentality in the minds of all who step inside the school, Parkdale comes second to none in expecting and creating excellence from its students.

“My biggest pride in attending Parkdale is the atmosphere,” said Parkdale SGA President Valeria Avila. “I’m always surrounded by hard working leaders and change-makers.”

Avila references Parkdale’s political role across Maryland as its Student Government Association has served as a leadership factory, playing major roles in decision-making across the state.

Parkdale produces greatness in all fields, as its athletic program shows its hard work through championships, record-breaking seasons, and collegiate alumni. Parkdale’s powerful baseball team has accomplished undefeated seasons in the past two years going 23-3 overal,l along with a five-time state championship wrestling team.

Disregarding statistics themselves, student athletes at Parkdale show integrity, honor, and sportsmanship on all playing fields.

“Parkdale is a diamond in the rough” said Athletic Director, Brian Moore. “Regardless of our outdated facilities and little resources, our teams succeed anywhere we go whether its a pool, court, field or course. That’s what I love about working here.”

Ensuring that students are College and Career ready has been a priority for Parkdale since its establishment 50 years ago. PHS promotes readiness for its students with its wide span of clubs and organizations, including JROTC, Homeland Security, Parkdale Athletics, Robotics, and  much more.

With a diverse community and a seemingly unlimited number of cultures to learn from, students are exposed to many different backgrounds and customs, allowing them to graduate much more accepting and inviting of differences than when they came in.

With the help of many dedicated teachers, students are continuously “preparing themselves to be greater than the rest of the world, fighting tooth and nail to reach the top,” said art teacher Mr. Chinkota, who many would classify as a Parkdale icon.

Although Parkdale is celebrating its midcentinneal this year, the first graduating class will celebrate their 50 year anniversary next year.