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What to look out for in the Winter 2018 Season of Anime

There are various complaints with modern television in America, so a lot of people decided to move over to see what Japan is up to. It turns out that even though the language may be completely different, the quality of the animation in Japan can attract thousands of Americans to watch their anime.

“Cartoons here don’t really appeal to my age, nor do they appeal to my taste in animation,” said junior Ayomide Okeshola. “Seeing that shows now are employing cost-effective and lame flash animation, it’s unbearable to watch.”

Despite complaints of American cartoons, anime can accommodate those with a more particular taste. In every season of anime, dozens of different shows are released that cater to many different types of audiences, unlike the pattern that many cartoon fans have seen in American shows.

“The American cartoons that are out now are just dumb looking remakes of my favorite shows of when I was young,” said junior Brian Garcia.

Anime provides much more variety, leaving viewers less bored and wannabe nostalgic.


Violet Evergarden, created by Kyoto Animation, who are famous for such works as Clannad, Koe no Katachi, and K-On, is one show that has appealed widely to American audiences.

This anime is the story of a young girl named Violet who recently recovered from a war between nations. Due to the war coming to a close, the young girl found a new job at “Auto Memories Doll”, a place where people transform people’s thoughts into letters and messages. There, Violet learns about what love actually is, and how she can understand the emotions of not only the people requesting messages, but her own toward a war comrade as well. Currently, Violet Evergarden has an average rating of a 8.56/10 on MyAnimeList (essentially the IMDB equivalent for anime, MAL for short), and is ranked #83 of all anime on the website, despite only having three episodes released.

Darling in the FranXX, made by studios A-1 Pictures and Trigger, who are responsible for animes such as Sword Art Online, Blue Exorcist, and Kill La Kill, is another show worth watching.

In the world of this anime, humanity is ruined, and the people live in a mobile city. The people there must survive by fighting in male-female paired mechs that have power based on the synergy between the duo. We meet our protagonist Hiro, who is contemplating life and death as he believes he will be unable to fight in a mech, and will later be disposed off. Almost losing all hope, he meets a beautiful mysterious girl bathing in a river.

The girl, only going by the name “Zero Two”, takes a liking to the boy and encourages him to duo with her in a mech. The only problem to this is that “Zero Two” is known to have lost three partners in a mech, and the mystery is how her partners die every time.

Darling in the FranXX has an average rating of a 7.86/10 on MAL, so this is a must see for those who enjoy mecha anime, or want to see two extremely eccentric protagonists bond over time.

Finally, there are multiple sequels to previously-released anime that are worth mentioning. The first is Nanatsu no Taizai Season 2 (1st season average rating on MAL:8.30/10, 2nd season average rating on MAL:8.43/10). This anime takes place in a medieval alternate universe where there is magic, fairies, and demons. The main protagonists of the show are based off of the seven deadly sins in the Bible, and despite how horrific this seems, the protagonists actually end up being heroes to save the kingdom Britannia from disaster. After taking nearly a four year hiatus from the first season, this anime is highly anticipated from fans of the show.

Also, there is Overlord II (1st season average rating on MAL:8.05/10, 2nd season average rating on MAL:8.19/10). This anime is about a young man who is addicted to an virtual reality video game MMORPG, and finds himself trapped in the game after the game shuts down. There, the characters in the game seem to become sentient and make their own decisions, and the young man is the ruler of many of them! This man, only going by the name Momonga, attempts to figure out how he got trapped into the game, and how he can live in the new world, Yggdrasil. Despite the excellent first season, the anime seems to open up with side characters and missing the thrilling action segments it had in the first season.

“So far, it’s boring,“ said Garcia, about Overlord II. “It’s not focusing on the main character; it’s too off topic.”

If you want to see a powerful protagonist in a video game world, the first season of Overlord is for you. However, as for the second season, you might want to skip out on this, or wait for the conclusion to see if this gets more positive feedback at the end.

Even if I did not name an anime someone might be talking about this season, that does not mean the anime is bad. I simply have not seen it myself to give my opinion on it. If you have not seen any anime yourself, explore some of the anime in this list, or ask one of your friends. It can be easy to get into anime.

“I would start by showing them the more popular anime like Dragon ball, Bleach and Naruto,” said Garcia.

Try something new this season, and hopefully something on my list perked your interests.