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A wrap-up of President Trump’s first year

If you haven’t noticed, recently we’ve had a pretty controversial presidency in the United States of America. This controversy came from the newest president Donald Trump.

After the 2016 election, it felt like choosing between being stabbed in the arm or being shot in the leg. We ended up electing Trump as President. I still question how it lead to this point as well, but the election is long over and Trump won.

To start off the presidency, we have the Women’s March. The march took place on January, 21, 2017 , and this day was supposed to be about human rights, specifically women’s rights.

The only problem is people on the outside, mainly conservatives and moderates, saw the march as a joke. The march was just a large gathering with no real coordination or focus. Some people believe it was for women’s rights, some say it was to protest Trump for being a misogynist, some say it was for the memes.

All of these answers would be accurate because not everyone was on the same page. Some found it to be beneficial, however.

“I believe the women’s march was necessary because for something to happen people have to stand up for inequality and injustice,” said junior Philip Phillips.

While this is true, the march just seemed to have no focus and was all over the place. People were holding up posters that were just memes about women’s rights. Congratulations America, you turned protesting into a joke. Looking back to Martin Luther King Jr., his protests were focused and effective. Now, right-leaning Americans think of protesting as a bunch of random nonsense and then a riot by the end of it.

The Women’s March was a terrible way to start off the presidency because it took the power out of protesting by turning it into a joke.

Next was the travel ban which was a ban on Syria, Chad, Iran, Libya, Somalia and Yemen for migration to and from these countries. The executive order was passed on January 27, 2017.

This executive order sparked a lot of controversy because several people saw the travel ban as a Muslim ban, since the countries targeted have majority Muslim population.

“I believe the travel ban was absolutely unjust and immoral because it completely discriminated on religion,” said Phillips.

Something that not alot of people talk about with the travel ban, though, is that the countries that were banned by Trump were on a list of dangerous countries that former president Barack Obama had made.

Democrats like to pick apart Trump for this ban, but the list that he got the countries from was from a Democrat. Kinda awkward.

There was no real point of the travel ban. Instead of banning specific countries, we should focus on having stronger security against all immigrants coming into the country. We should not just focus down specific countries because a terrorist can come from any country.

Then there was the bombing in Syria. This attack started on April 4, 2017.

The bombing that Trump had ordered was a response to the Syrian government launching chemical weapons on their own people.  Although we don’t need to be involved in other countries’ civil wars, the bombing was justified. However, not everyone agrees with Trump’s decision.

“No it wasn’t needed because it only caused more deaths rather than save lives,” said Phillips.

Later in the year, Trump tried to push for a transgender ban in the military. Starting in July 2017, Trump talked about banning transgender recruits and already-serving transgender members of the military.

The justification was that Trump didn’t want the military to pay for the surgery of transitions for transgenders. And he’s right. We shouldn’t have to pay for transitions, because it is not a life or death situation if a transgender isn’t able to get a surgical transition.

On the other hand, outright banning people just to avoid paying for the surgery just doesn’t make any sense. Why would Trump advocate to outright ban transgenders from the military instead of making policies, so the military wouldn’t be responsible for paying for a surgical transition?

One of Trump’s final controversies was his desire to remove Deferred Action Childhood Arrivals (DACA) policy. This story started in September 2017 and has continued to update more and more. What Trump wanted was to stop children who were brought here illegally from being allowed to stay in the country with the DACA program. The people may be illegal immigrants to start out, but the fact that they know no other place besides America, it would be cruel to send back to their country of origin. It doesn’t make any sense. These people have become a promoting part of our economy and our culture; to remove them now would make no sense. The only compromise I would agree with is if Trump ended DACA, but kept all of the 800,000 people we already promised a home.

The first year of the Trump presidency was pretty rocky, but hopefully 2018 will be more positive.