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Class officers reach out to students for activity input

Two weeks ago, after tickets were bought and expectations were high, the class of 2020’s anticipated “Old school vs. New school” roller skating activity was cancelled.

Why? According to the official PHS class of 2020 Snapchat, the day before the event was supposed to be held, the Class of 2020 was forced to cancelled the event due to “risk management”.

Social media — mostly Snapchat — was buzzing about how the class of 2020 voted for the roller skating activity, but here’s the thing: I’m in the Class of 2020, and I don’t recall voting. Looks like I’m not the only one.

“Personally, I do not remember taking a vote, but I asked other people if they remembered voting and some of them said yes and others said no,” said sophomore Naomi Bilesanmi.  “I heard it from the member of the SGA that I knew”.

It wasn’t until I remembered that day in a 10th-grade assembly where Parkdale staff members passed out small sheets of paper and pencils. They made everyone participate on what they would like to see the class of 2020 do for some activities.

Turns out, that’s when the voting took place.

With all the confusion in voting and communication between SGA and students, class of 2020 President Lemoni Conde clarified how the event really came about.

“We had a first quarter assembly, which basically informed students about college credits, different activities and stuff that the SGA does,” said Conde. “So then [the sophomores]  voted for a event [they] would want us to host and an alarming amount of students voted for roller skating.”

This voting in the first quarter assembly might not have felt like a voting to some 10th grade students,  which could be reason so many felt that they didn’t vote on the roller skating activity. For some, it could have felt more like a “pitch in your idea for what you would like to see throughout the year.” I know that’s how I felt. 

Although the Class of 2020 SGA used the assembly that day to communicate with students, they also use social media to reach out.

“We could use Remind 101. We actually have social media.” said Conde. “We also have a Twitter account and a Snapchat, so we will post a poll on there and we will have different people feedback.”

Although the roller skating event had to get cancelled, the 2020 SGA is in the works for other activities for the students.

“Right now, we are trying to do something where we can provide a different alternative to lunch, especially for those who stay after school,” said Conde.

This could prove to be a beneficial event, as many students skip lunch mostly because they don’t like what they’re serving.  This activity could raise money and provide students with lunch.

The Class of 2020 SGA is trying their hardest trying to come up with the activities and benefits, in hopes to ensure their senior year is the best it can be.

Who wants prom in the cafeteria? Not me, so it’s up to the students to participate and make good memories.