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Smartphone users BEWARE: Your phone can blow up–and no, not in Instagram likes

What’s the problem with having a phone?! I didn’t think there was anything wrong with it. Apparently I was wrong…

For the past few years, there have been cases of phones catching on fire and exploding, NANI?! Yep, phones exploding. What’s next, Samuel L Jackson yelling “There’s snake on the plane!”?

Have you heard about the Samsung Galaxy Note 7s exploding back in 2016? Well, many of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7s were exploding because of battery overheating. All the Galaxy Note 7s had to be returned back. Dang! It’s a good thing my mom didn’t buy me that.

What does this have to do with us? Ha! Pitiful children who do not know da wae. Sensei will teach you everything you need to know.

Most phones use lithium ion battery packs for their power. Those are rechargeable batteries where lithium ions are moving from negative to positive electrode during discharge and back when charging. Now what would happens when a short circuit were to occur? BOOM! There goes your phone. RIP you will be missed well until the latest model is out.

“But wasn’t this back in 2016”, is what you’re probably thinking if my mind reading skills work. Well yes it was, so why do you care if it’s two years old? Your new $700 iPhone 8 that your momma bought you, well sorry to say but that thing will certainly give you a bang for your buck.

In 2017, there were cases of the iPhone 8 screen bulging out due to the battery. What’s wrong with the battery this time? Fun fact: the battery that the iPhone 8 uses is the same one that the Galaxy Note 7 used before. Hmm? Why would they use the same lithium ion battery that goes BOOM?!

Well, when the Galaxy Note 7 exploded, it was said to be due to the design of the phone because it didn’t give enough space to the battery and it was not the battery fault. If you look at the iPhone 8, it’s a big phone that you would even wonder if it would fit in your pocket. So why did the screen pop out? No one knows yet because Apple is still investigating what caused it to pop out.

“I would be mad if that were to happen to me,” said Prena Gurung from William Wirt Middle School. “I would go up to Apple and complain to them.”

Recently a man in China decided to do his own test on a smartphone battery. He wanted to see if it was real, so he bit on the battery. Boom! The battery exploded. Luckily no one was injured., but why would you even bite on a smartphone battery? This man must not know that lithium ion batteries contains liquid that are highly flammable in it. Do not do what this guy did!

Sure smartphones are fun to have around and to play with, but beware of the risk of having a smartphone. You never know when it could explode. Try not to overheat it and leave it plug in overnight because it can cause a short circuit in the battery. You don’t want your phone to explode, do you now?