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WWE makes history with first female Royal Rumble

On Sunday, January 28th, 17,629 World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) fans attended the Royal Rumble in Philadelphia.  The difference between this Royal Rumble and others? The women.

Although the Royal Rumble has been a fan-favorite WWE event since 1988, 30 years later, the women of WWE hosted their first one ever.

This groundbreaking event came one year after the women of WWE hosted their first Money in the Bank Ladder Match, which had an attendance of roughly 15,392 fans.  This showed that these women-centered events were big hits within the WWE fanbase.

“I want[ed] Mickie James to win the royal rumble because she’s a veteran in the sport,” said Parkdale student Gensis Guzman.  “And when she was in her prime she didn’t have the opportunity to be in a event as big as this one.”

Many old WWE women wrestlers returned to the ring for the Royal Rumble, including Lita, Trish Stratus, Michelle McCool and many more.  

While many well-known WWE women, including Ronda Rousey–who made the crowd go wild, made their appearances in the ring, it was Asuka who won the Royal Rumble Match.

Coming off as the 25th superstar to enter the match, this was a huge advantage for her. Being one of the finalists, Asuka had yet to challenge one of WWE’s best super star “Nikki Bella”.

As Nikki tried to eliminate Asuka, Asuka pulled her onto the sideline of the ring, which could have put them both in serious danger. As they both fought, Asuka used her creativity to do a stunt that would have her at-risk of being eliminated. As she did the stunt, it came out perfectly, making Nikki fall onto the ground and get eliminated.  This win could lead to a huge increase in Asuka’s career as a WWE wrestler.

The Royal Rumble is an event that combines all the brands of WWE together to have one huge pay-per-view event. For this event, 30 wrestlers must participate.

This match usually has everyone for themselves trying to eliminate their opponents over the top rope to be the last one standing. The only way for a wrestler to win is by making sure that he or she doesn’t go over the top rope and have his or her feet touch the floor.

The winner of this event gets an opportunity to fight for the championship of their choice in the biggest event WWE has to offer, WrestleMania.

Former winners of the Royal Rumble include John Cena, Randy Orton, and The Undertaker.