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Boys’ Lacrosse prepares for the upcoming season

Parkdale’s Boys Lacrosse program that will change everyone’s expectations on how well they’re going to perform.

The first ever season in Spring 2017 was a new beginning for boys’ lacrosse.  They are looking forward to a new turn-around towards, the new head coach tenth grade English teacher Mr. Molster, and returning players.

Mr. Molster played on a lacrosse team during his high school days, so he is bringing that experience to the coaching position this year.

The team has a couple more editions, too.

“There’s going to be a Junior Varsity lacrosse team [so] more people [can] play,” said senior Kristopher Weene, who plays on the team. Since the team is a new addition to Parkdale sports, expectations are pretty high.

“My expectations for Boys Lacrosse are that they begin the process to develop into a program that will sustain itself for years to come,” said Parkdale Athletic Director Coach Moore. “What I mean by that is I want to see dedicated players that show positive leadership and great sportsmanship and have that attitude trickle down into the younger players. I would like to see committed coaching, which I am 110% positive we have and I want to see 115% parental involvement from the Boys parents because that was lacking last year”.

Before the season begins, however, the field must be fixed.  Right now, the football field that many sports teams use during their season is muddy and not smoothed out.  Coach Moore assures that the teams will be fine.

“As soon as the dirt is removed which should be within the next 7 days the county can begin work on the sprinkler system and our field will be in better condition,” said Coach Moore.

Tryouts for Boys’ Lacrosse have already begun.