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10 special ways to surprise your valentine

Valentine’s Day may be over, but Valentine’s weekend is fast approaching! If you messed up on the big day, this weekend will serve as a change to redeem yourself.

That being said, here are ten special ways to surprise your valentine this weekend! 

1. Buy them some Flowers! 

Ah, a classic gift to share your love with your special someone. Flowers have been given as gifts of affection since the dawn of time. Their beautiful colors and lovely smells are sure to make your special someone swoon. Roses are the most common symbol of love and beautiful bouquets are always a perfect go to present during the season of love. If you would like to bring about a deeper meaning, certain colors have different meaning! As do different flowers themselves. During the Valentine’s Day season, roses can be found in nearly ever store, but if you are unable to purchase some outside of school, no fear! You can purchase flowers to be delivered to your special someone right here at Parkdale! The Hispanic Committee is delivering flowers for the whole month of February, so even if you’re a little late, the love will still flourish. 

*Disclaimer: Flowers do not include bees, please consult local beekeepers for bee rentals.*

2. Buy them a sweet treat… aka chocolates. 

Valentine’s Day is the perfect holiday for anyone with a sweet tooth as chocolates are a mandatory gift for anyone on Valentine’s Day. And I know you must be thinking: “Well what if they don’t like chocolates?” …well they’re going to like them on Valentine’s Day because chocolates are a MANDATORY gift. Other sweet treats such as fruit flavored candies must be accompanied by AT LEAST ONE chocolate item. 

Remind them of how sweet they are! Buy them some chocolates! 

3. Surprise them! (Including chocolates) 

Valentine’s Day is all about giving. So, why not make the gift extra special and surprise them? A surprise is always sweet to receive. A small gift, such as a bear or balloons, can be a fun surprise to spice up an already planned present. And if possible and it is alright by them, maybe even a pet would be an amazing, extra special prize! But make sure to give your valentine plenty of subtle reminders before hand of your lack of giving to break their hope to make the surprise extra special!

4. Write them a song! 

A well-written song is a creative and beautiful way to express your love towards someone. A love song dedicated to someone stays special in their heart forever. If you plan on writing a song, be sure to throw in some fun inside jokes or look backs on special moments you too shared. The more personal the better! This one will need require the most work and time, not the best for a last-minute gift unless you both roll like that… To make the song truly meaningful, put all of your true, honest emotions into it! Just. Please refrain from crying.

5. Send them some wholesome memes! 

There’s a meme for just about every and any topic these days and one of the newest trending memes have been wholesome memes! To express your love in these modern times, send your loved one a picture of some love from your “love gun” or a gentle fog hugging the phone that is supposed to have their picture on the screen. Wholesome memes! The better, more modern version of love letters! 

7. Take them out on a date! (You still need to get them a present. This is not a gift.) 

A date! The perfect idea for a Valentine’s Day! Only issue was that Valentine’s Day fell on a Wednesday this year, but Parkdale lets students out at 2:25 pm.  You really could have not been lazing and just taken them out that day.  But you didn’t it’s fine. Now, if you really plan on going all out and you plan to take your Valentine to dinner, make sure to make reservations beforehand as most restaurants will be fully booked, even for the weekend to accommodate those who have to make up for a terrible Valentine’s… like you! The same goes for a movie. If you can, purchase tickets before hand. Now if both of you are not the most social people and you’d much rather spend your day together in the comfort of your or their home, food delivery services are a wonderful option! Dinner and movie for cheap– a perfect date is it not? 

8. Publicly announce your love for them.

Because who doesn’t love someone sacrificing their pride for them, am I right? 

9. When in doubt? Go all out. 

And when I say all out. I mean all out. I’m talking promposal level, all out. Flowers, balloons, chocolates, bears, cards, your friend Jimmy on the violin. ALL OUT MEANS ALL OUT. Not only will this surprise them, but you may severely overwhelm them. Keep tissues and water close by for this one. Just please. Be safe. 


10. It’s the thought that counts! (Right?)

If you are reading this and it’s already too late for presents or flowers or a card (even though it’s already technically too late for all of this, you lazy person!!!), please don’t lie to your Valentine that, well, you “ordered something, but it’s just taking a little while longer than expected” or that you “left it at home”. Be honest. The biggest keys to a good relationship? Honest and communication. Tell them how you truly feel and if you feel the need, apologize for not having something for them. If they adore you just as much as you adore them, they’re sure to understand. And if not? You both need to have a conversation and clear some information up. Remember; communication is key! 

Hopefully these tips are helpful for those this Valentine’s Day. 

 Remember: honesty is the best policy, communication is key, and love is free! 

 Stay safe out there, you love birds.