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40 Confessions of a Student

Being a student is tough, especially when you have so many rules to follow, so many things to do and with not enough time. There many things that we do that may not be right but sometimes that’s just a part of being a student; we aren’t perfect but we are learning. The following list of 40 anonymous confessions represents the student voice that they wouldn’t dare say out loud.

  1. “I sometimes change the date on my assignments so the teacher knows I didn’t procrastinate.”
  2. “I once gave a student my homework to copy with all the wrong answers on purpose.”
  3. “I hate when I give my work for someone to copy and they get a higher grade than me.”
  4. No wonder I hate stuDYING… the word DYING is at the end.
  5. “Instead of reading the book, I watch the movie.”
  6. “You know how you decide not to wear uniform for one day and administration is watching you like a hawk, but then some kids do it every day and they seem invisible?”
  7. “Why can’t I be that one student who never tries but always have A?”
  8. “When you know you didn’t do your homework but that one student has to speak up.”
  9. “When you poop in the bathroom and someone walks in and says it stinks but you know it’s secretly you.”
  10. “When your phone goes off in class and everyone turns and looks at you.”
  11. “One time when I knew I didn’t do the homework, I called my mom to come pick me up.”
  12. “That one student that sings or hums during a test.”
  13. “Sometimes when I don’t do my homework and my teacher asks for it, I pretend to look through my binder, or folders knowing dang right I didn’t even do it”.
  14. “People tend to have problems with students that like to have fun… like sometimes I just don’t want to be sitting in a class all day”
  15. “I honestly hate being compared to other students. I don’t care if you got a 97% and I got a 79%, keep it to yourself”
  16. “I choose to keep my college acceptances to myself because I don’t want the hype.”
  17. “I am a strong believer that 2018 senior year is the year the school system is trying to bring us, students, down.”
  18. “Can my teachers please get other non-teachers out of my SchoolMax grades?”
  19. “Sometimes I think I could run this school a lot better.”
  20. “When you tell the teacher you left your homework in your locker and he says to go get it but you go and never come back to class.”
  21. “When you ask your teacher to go to the bathroom and they say no so you threaten to pee on yourself.”
  22. “I wear my sweater just because I don’t want to put my jacket or hoodie in my locker.”
  23. ‘’I learned from a staff member that the water fountain across from the gym is unsanitary’.’
  24. “Sparknotes, Quizlet and Slader are my three best friends when it comes to school work.”
  25. “During the lockdown, I had no choice but to pee in a trashcan.”
  26. “I sometimes use the special needs restroom because it has more space and it’s clean.”
  27. “Sometimes I see people kissing in the hallway, and I want to slap them.”
  28. “If the stairwells, could speak they would have some nice stories to tell.”
  29. “One time on a test in [an AP class], I cheated on the entire test right in front of the teacher.”
  30. “Students lose about 10 pounds at the end of each quarter because of stress.”
  31. “That moment when you make the teacher believe you read the book when you really just have the juice.”
  32. “When you get a better grade on the test than people that actually studied”
  33. “The funniest thing in high school is when you see a guy [who] doesn’t like you in the hallway. If only he knew you were just with his girlfriend the other day.”
  34. “When I hear keys I run … IB students know what I’m talking about.”
  35. “I sometimes look for homework in my backpack in front of a teacher knowing I never did it.”
  36. You don’t know what stress is until you’re trying to complete your homework while your teacher is collecting it.
  37. That moment when you have 2 test, 4 essays, and 3 homework assignments but you fell asleep and now your life is over.
  38. “There’s a stairwell at the back of the main building that’s been infested with humans fluids… if you know what I mean”
  39. “Teachers move my seat so I won’t talk but little do they know I’m friends with the  whole class.”
  40. “Are teachers out to get students?… Yes”