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Backpacks vs. Lockers: The choice isn’t yours

Having ten textbooks is a common problem for students and they normally choose to either keep the books in their locker or in their backpacks.

However, we do not really get that choice at Parkdale due to its policy. Although people may have their personal preferences, backpacks still have their major benefits over lockers for various reasons.

Backpacks are transportable, versatile, and have good durability. Due to these important factors, students tend to use their backpacks as much as possible, bringing their backpack to any class that the teacher seems to let them get away with. This shows that the students are willing to break school policy in order to demonstrate their strong preference towards backpacks.

Additionally, backpacks seem to save the time hassle from students. Having only five minutes between classes to navigate through the crowded halls, removing the extra chore of having to go to a locker is really beneficial to students who simply use a backpack.  People at times can be late to class due to having to go to their locker first, much at the chagrin of teachers. This is especially in the case when the locker and the student destination are on opposite ends of the school.

Most of the time though, it is not that backpacks are extremely superior, lockers seem to be out of place in the reality of students. The lockers do not seem to be designed for the convenience for students, and may even malfunction despite lockers having a basic task of securing student possessions.

The lockers are susceptible to jamming,”  said junior Zane Curtis-Thomas. “Not to mention, I have a bottom locker. I’m 6 foot 2, and I have a bottom locker!”

Due to these various problems, locker trends seem to slowly be dying. Students pay less and less attention to their lockers as a whole, so much so that for some, there is nothing to clear out of their lockers by the end of the year. Locker decorating seems to be an activity by eccentric people only.

It may be possible in the near future that lockers could be removed from schools.

Although lockers have various problems, they do have some merit to be acknowledged. A backpack cannot carry five or six textbooks, while a locker may be able to.

“I prefer to not have too much excess materials on me when I am in class,” said sophomore Mimi Nguyen, “Especially when I’m walking to class.”

Additionally, lockers prevent others from stealing your belongings. Theft is very common at Parkdale, so if students need a secure place to store cell phones, diary, or something else that is deemed precious, a locker might be the best bet.

Backpacks in the end seem to be more beneficial to others. Teachers and students, consider this when there are votes or open discussions on current policies.