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Be careful before you bite: Drugs in food on the rise

OOOOOOOOOOH! Who lives in the pineapple under the sea? Cocaine-Drug-Lords! Powderly and white as it can be: Cocaine cocaine! If nautical nonsense be something you wish: FBI Agents! It’s found in some foods that don’t smell like fish: COCAINE SOMETHING! *Cue the end of SpongeBob’s anthem*

    Confused? You may be. But this is nothing compared to the cocaine that’s been found in pineapples that were shipped from South America.

In late January,  745 kilograms of cocaine  were found in pineapples, an event known as the “Joint Spanish- Portuguese Drug Bust.”

Authorities took ten months to find nine people to arrest and break up an international smuggling ring that was led by Colombians. Although this batch of cocaine was found in pineapples, there were also other foods that drug lords discovered could be just as sneaky as a pineapple is juicy.

If you ever go to Chipotle and order your favorite burrito, you best check it twice. Meth is being found in burritos… WHY THE BURRITOS?

In Los Angeles, 17 pounds of methamphetamine in 14 burritos were discovered by the police in Angelino Heights’, the unsuspecting victim, truck.  

With drug lords being more and more creative, the drug busts are getting more “hype”.

President Donald Trump stated [WHERE? Did he say this in a press conference? If you don’t say where he said this, it makes it seem like you talked to him personally] that “the drugs are pouring in at levels like nobody has ever seen.” He assured the American people that the drug overflow would be stopped “once the wall is up.”

Wall or no wall, always be careful what you eat because the next thing you may know, you might wake up in Virginia with your friend drooling on the same bed as you and all you remember is biting down into a pineapple.