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Thrifting is the new shopping

Urban Dictionary defines thrifting as, “when one visits several different thrift shops, second-hand shops, and vintage clothing stores in the hopes of buying several items of cheap and unusual clothing and other items.”

Usually, one does this with friends, but often times there is a negative stigma surrounding thrifting where people think of thrifting as buying musty or dusty clothes in shops that no one goes to. However, with thrifting now on the rise, names like Goodwill, Value Village, Salvation Army and much more are making a comeback.

Why is thrifting so enticing towards millennials? Is it the thrill of finding discounted designer goods or just spending time with friends?

One of the most popular thrift stores is Value Village, due to availability. Upon entering, customers are bombarded with racks and racks of clothes and items that must be sift through.

Although this may sound a bit overwhelming, the clothes are organized into sections by size and gender. The store also boasts with fitting rooms, a huge deal in the thrifting scene as most thrift stores don’t have fitting rooms, leaving customers to wonder how the clothes actually look on. With Value Village, there is no mystery of it that vintage button-up shirt is a little too big for a fashion statement.

Senior Aira Villiangca  loves the randomness of thrifting. She describes thrifting as an adventure with a goal of style.

“I love the fact that you can create your own look and style with old and new clothing,” said Villiangca

“Everything is one of a kind, and it’ affordable”,said Senior Ain Wright.

Aside from finding the right place, the key to thrifting is going at the right time.

During the weekends or days when stores are  having a sale is the best time to go for the ultimate thrifting experience.

Although thrifting has become a fashionista-favorite, there are still lingering stereotypes that prevent everyone from accepting this new shopping craze, including the stigma that thrift stores are nasty, dirty, and unkept

“We can eliminate the stereotypes of thrifting by showing people it’s a way to find and try out a new style,” said Villiangca. “We should also show people that thrifting is a way of recycling and it helps the earth.”

To go hand-in-hand with in-store thrifting, a new craze that has been on the rise is online thrift stores. One of the most popular is Thredup.com.

Thredup is an online consignment and second-hand store. One of the best parts about Thredup is the fact that they send customers a cleanout bag to send used clothes in the mail. The state of the clothes are reviewed and depending on if it’s acceptable or not and the brand name, customers can get money for their old clothes.

Many people may find the convenience of thrifting online to be appealing, but it does take away from the actual thrifting experience.

“[Online thrift stores] are trendy and eliminates the stigma that thrift stores are dirty,” said Wright. “But in a store is better because you can see the clothes right then and there.”

Look cute, save money, thrift.