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YouTuber Boxing: The new way to settle ‘beef’

Although it may have taken place in the UK, an ameutuer boxing match caught the attention of many worldwide, mainly because it involved not professional boxers, but instead, famous YouTubers.

The two YouTubers KSI and Joe Weller made history with this boxing event, being the largest amuetuer match ever taken place in the UK.

While intriguing to watch, some found it to not be worth the time logging on.

“The fight wasn’t all it was hyped up to be” said senior Nicole Valdez.

However, it was “hyped” enough to have broken YouTube’s live streaming with 1.5 million viewers.

“It’s crazy the amount of people actually watched it,” said senior Mohamed Bundu.

Beginning in October 2017, KSI and Joe Weller decided to settle a beef with a fight within four months, giving each YouTuber the time to train and get in shape to deliver quality entertainment, as well as try to defeat the other person.

The conflict started on Twitter when KSI commented “Let me get the winner lol” on Joe Weller’s boxing fight against Theo Baker.

The time came and indeed, they did deliver a quality performance of entertainment for their audience.

The match ended with a victory for KSI, who received the YouTuber’s Championship Belt.  Feeling high on his glory, KSI then challenged the Paul brothers, two other famous YouTubers, for seemingly no reason.

Much to KSI’s demise, Logan and Jake Paul are being trained by boxing legend Floyd Mayweather.Yes, 50-0 Floyd Mayweather, a retired professional boxer is training two YouTubers, which will sure to bring even more viewers than before

KSI will be fighting Logan Paul to defend his title while Logan Paul’s brother will fight Deji(KSI’s younger brother) in order to settle some beef.

Although the location of the match is still to be determined since the Paul brothers are American and the Olatunji brothers are British, the month is set: August 2018.

Where will matches like this take YouTube? Will online YouTube boxing matches become a score-settling thing of the future? We’ll have to wait and tune in.