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Credit recovery leaves and returns with different name

In the beginning of the school year during morning announcements, it was emphasized that there would be no more Credit Recovery offered to students. This message was reiterated in class meetings, where administrators and counselors made sure every student in the entire school knew there was no more credit recovery.

When the news broke to students, many seniors were confused about the decision to no longer the program at Parkdale.

“Why take it out now,” said senior Melia Watson.  “I’m trying to get the credits I need to graduate from this school and I believe the school system never wanted to take it out, they just wanted more money.”

In previous years, Credit Recovery served as a way for students to “make-up” classes that they had failed in particular quarters.  For $75 per class, students had the opportunity to have both in-person and online instruction to “recover” points they missed out on in their instructional day courses.

The absences of this program left many questioning the decision.

Many seniors who relied on Credit Recovery to graduate high school had to find different alternatives to graduate.

Many turned to night school, which is essentially the same thing but it costs almost double.

Another downside to night school is that students would have to go to another school, whereas Credit Recovery was just certain days after school in the building.

With frustration and confusion swirling about the hallways, in the beginning of February, it was then announced that Credit Recovery had returned, but with a different name: Educational Online Program 101.  

“I’m so lucky!” said Watson. “When I was going to my counselor to sign up for night school, he told me not to because credit recovery was coming back. I didn’t have to waste money like friends and sign up for night school.”

The Educational Online Program 101 is for students who were unsuccessful in one of their core courses (Math, English, Social Studies, and Science) in a previous school year. The program is about 2 months long, meeting before, during, or after school depending on the student, and with a payment of $150.

With recent controversy over graduation rates and heavy auditing going on within the school system, the county had to make sure that the programs offering credit recovery were legitimate and to be taken seriously.

According to a report done by WTOP, an audit believed the some Prince George’s County High School has graduated many high school students without them meeting the requirements.

Now in Parkdale with everything going on with the violence around the school and the news about us, grade changing. Parkdale is becoming strict with the new policies like ids and the number of absences in a school year, and change credit recovery to meet the graduation requirements.