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Books! Do I even remember what I read?

Depending on the person’s love for literacy, book assignments in school can be one of the most exciting or daunting news to hear for a student.  Many ask through moans and groans, “why do we even have to read these boring-looking books with long pages? Is the school trying to bore us to death?”

We shouldn’t really blame teachers since they’re just trying to do their jobs. And while the books in the book room may look like they survived both World Wars, funding is lacking so we’re here stuck reading these old books. You may hear teachers trying to persuade you by saying that the books are enjoyable, but are they really?

My freshman year of high school, my teachers had all these books ready for us to read. Up to this day, as a senior, I can hardly remember them.

Of Mice and Men and To Kill a Mockingbird, however, proved to be memorable because they left an impact on me. When I first read To Kill a Mockingbird, I didn’t want to read it at all because it had a lot of pages and we had to read it for a grade, so this took out the enjoyment of reading it for me. I would just skim through the book without actually reading it to get the grade I needed, but when we were told we had a big test for it, I had to actually read the book.

When I actually read the book, my first impression of it completely changed. It didn’t seem as boring as it was when we were forced to read it. The book was actually enjoyable and it wasn’t as long as it seemed, as it only took three hours for me to finish the book. If we weren’t pressured to read it the book, it would have been more fun to read.  And maybe that’s the thing with teenagers. We would rather come to these conclusions on our own than being forced to read something.

Of Mice and Men was one of my favorite books back in freshman year. Was it because it was short? Nooo! Maybe, who am I kidding? That was one-third of the reason. Everyone likes reading a book with short pages in it because it was the easiest to remember what happened in the story. If we had a test on it, we could study for it less than 10 minutes because the books were so short. The other two-thirds of the reason is because Of Mice and Men left a huge impact on me. I still remember crying in class because of the ending. With Of Mice and Men I didn’t feel as pressured to read it as I did with To Kill a Mockingbird so I was able to enjoy the book thoroughly.

Not a lot of people are able to remember what they read, but can we blame them? Look at me! I can only remember two out of all the books we read in freshman year.

Although Shakespeare and his funny language is hard to forget, I had not remembered we read Romeo and Juliet until a classmate reminded me. I only remembered that we watched a modern version of it, why? That’s because the modern version was  more relatable and funny. Especially when the guy playing as Mercutio was dressed up as a lady at the party. I remember laughing at that.

“Oh gosh I’m gonna be honest I’ve read so many books because of IB I only remembered one”, said Senior Danelle Villangca. “To Kill a Mockingbird was the most memorable one I’m guessing”.

The school should have more books that we can relate to or something more modern we can read because most of the books we are reading are about things we can’t relate to it. We need something more interesting or entertaining. But I have to say not all of the books in school are boring.

Look at the Scarlet Letter or The Crucible. Those books has a lot of drama, so much things are going on. People are having affairs, old love ones are coming back for revenge, people are dying. As students we should have fun reading and enjoying it.