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Could this be the end for super ?


It seems Dragon Ball Super may be headed towards an indefinite hiatus, or worst, an end, as a Japanese news source confirmed its time slot will be replaced following the end of its current arc in March. This comes as a sobering piece of news for many enthusiasts of the series.

The show debuted on July 5, 2015, accompanied with many complaints because the show took about twenty episodes to recap what happened in the recent movie, which took place a year prior to the series being released. Most Dragon Ball Z fans had already seen the movie, but after the Future Trunks arc, people gradually began to like the show.

There where manya lot of mixed emotions when Toei Animations announcedsaid they were taking a break from the series.

“It sucked becuase I was just starting to enjoy the show” said parkdale student  Angue Foretia

Some weren’t so positive. “ I’m actually glad that it’s ending because it just wasn’t a good show, from animation, character build ups, and the story line they were all garbage” said parkdale student James Okafor.

A new GeGeGe no Kitaro anime will replace Dragon Ball Super in its time slot but fans of the series won’t have to wait long after the series ends in March, as a new Dragon Ball movie is set to release in December this year.

“ At present it is ending; beyond that is still undecided” Fuji TV said in an interview. This leaves the fans hope that the series isn’t completely ending but maybe taking they’re focus on the movie set to release in december.

The dragon ball franchise first started on february 26, 1986, The show then ended in 1996. After 19 years the writers chose to come back and write dragon ball super.    

Even with successful strides made to capture high ratings in Japan while rekindling its fans’ love after eight years, Fuji TV has not given a statement for the reasoning behind the hiatus, leaving many fans bewildered. Though with its highly-anticipated video game Dragon Ball FighterZ and movie releasing, not to mention dubs still being processed, the franchise still has a few offerings before we say bye to Son Goku and the Z Fighters.

The show’s last air date will be episode 131 on March 25, 2018.