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Supreme’s Spring line does not disappoint

With winter being nearly over and spring rapidly approaching, people think of all the beauteous things to come:the beautiful flowers, nice long days, and loving animals.  

For people in the fashion industry, eyes are dazed and dreams become a reality by clothing that will release this season.

Supreme in particular is a big deal in the fashion industry nowadays. The skating/streetwear brand blew up in the past few years exponentially  and continues to keep getting bigger and bigger. Now, Supreme releases its clothing in sets two times a year and splits up its collections into seasons, consisting of a Fall/Winter season and Spring/Summer season.

On February 1st, Supreme will dropped a teaser of this season’s items, followed roughly ten days later by the lookbook, a basic overview of everything Supreme will  be selling, with exception of any upcoming collaborations, will drop.

Supreme has been known for continuously releasing new products every Thursday within the season. The first drop of the season hit stores on February 15th, while the first online released on February 22nd.

There have been many rumors of what to be expecting this year. One piece that every “Supreme head” is excited for is the acclaimed box logo, which is basically just their staple logo.

Over the years, Supreme’s box logo has been modified and changed in various styles and the hype for items sporting the logo is outrageous to say the least. Word on the street is that this year installment of the box logo will be on a long sleeve, something that hasn’t been done in the brands history before.

“I’ll definitely try to buy one,” said long-time Supreme enthusiast Alec de Leon, “but with all the hype will there even be any after 11:05?”

Leaked footage of a possible Vans and Supreme collaboration inspired by rap superstar Juicy J has been released. Another shoe that has been rumored to be dropping will incorporate an old time Nike favorite, the Air Streak Spectrum Plus. Although people know this is releasing, they haven’t leaked any pictures of the shoe itself and its design.

Another anticipated collaboration that people always get excited for are the North Face and Stone Island ones. These are two other high-end brands that have been working with Supreme for some time. There hasn’t been word of what exactly will be released from these collabs, but fans can expect it to be something worth saving up for.

People can always expect tees from Supreme, especially from their Spring/Summer season, and there has been leaked footage of the possible first tees to be dropping this season. The leaked shirts display what they call the Prodigy Tribute Tee, Chicken Dinner Tee, and Rick Rubin Tee.

Lastly, there has been word about a big collaboration with Supreme, Public Enemy, Undercover, and Dr. Martens. Leaks of the shoe have been circling since December, and people have already grown to love them. There has also been mock-ups made of a possible shirt and hoodie.

“They’re going to do numbers, regardless of what one thinks,” said junior Michael Diaz, another fashion enthusiast. “I believe every season for the next 4 years is going to be promising for them regardless of people liking the product or not.”

Keep in mind all the dates that are coming up this February. The two most important ones are Feb. 15th and Feb. 22nd. Check up on the their website, www.supremenewyork.com, for any updates and further news.