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Administration cancels promposals in height of prom season

On April 14, Parkdale administration announced to the school that “Promposals” were no longer allowed on school grounds during school hours because they caused a disturbance to the school environment.

This ban seemingly occurred after one student chose to do his Promposal in the back parking lot during lunch. A large crowd of students gathered to watch, and because students are not allowed to be in the parking lots, particularly unattended, promposals were banned.

This is not the first time, however, that promposals were banned.

In Spring 2011, there was a case where a student’s prom proposal went so overboard that he was suspended and was not allowed to go to prom.  In this case, the student made it onto the roof of the main building to do his promposal.

Although this ban comes after many people have done their prom proposal already, there were a lot of people who have yet to do theirs.

“This is probably one of the few times we come together as a unit for senior 2018 and they ruin it for us because they don’t like the fact people are proposing for their date,” said senior Curtis Bowen.

Prom proposals are supposed to be the highlight of events before prom, but now it’s gone.

When everyone heard the news, they were shocked and frustrated.

“I feel kinda disturbed,” said Curtis Bowen.

Although promposals have been happening around the country for over ten years, Parkdale students were tasked with finding a different way to ask their partner to be their date.