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Five Below : The Place that is Really ABOVE Expectations

We all have those moments when we need something for our phones or a quick candy fix or maybe even decorations. Look no further than Five Below.

The retail store, that doesn’t sell anything over five dollars, provides consumers with screen protectors, chargers, cases, incense,, posters, you name it.

A lot of people think that because everything at Five Below is $5 or less, then the quality of their products is not that great. Well, *buzzer* guess again.

Five Below not only carries quality items but also products that look good too.

Fun fact about screen protectors at Five Below : Five Below also sells colored (gold, silver, and rose gold) screen protectors for the newer curved-edge iPhones like the 6 and everything else after that but as of right now, not for the iPhone X. These colored screen protectors also cover the edges where normal screen protectors wouldn’t. They also have privacy screen protectors for both iPhone and Android (limited choices) so that you can deal with the nosy people in your life.

Five Below also has a wide variety of cases, usually next to the screen protectors and other tech products. The cases range from “I just want my phone to look good” to “ I drop my phone so doggone much.”

There are also some cases that meet in the middle and look stylish while keeping the phone safe. These cases also come in a variety of colors. While the cases cannot guarantee that the phone won’t crack at all, they seem to be a bit more promising that they will not crack on impact.

Right now, on my iPh7, I have a gold screen protector and a clear case with the ring stand on the back. The screen protector, I’ve had it for a while, since January or February. I got the case during early March. Let me just point out that my phone has not been damaged in any kind of way, but then again, I am not saying that any of these cases will prevent impact-shatter or screen-cracking 100% of the time.

Is your room or personal space bland or missing something? Maybe a poster can help !! Just like with the cases, there’s a variety of posters. These posters are all 24in x 34in. In my bedroom, I have more than a few posters and three of them are from Five Below. Most of my posters are maps for video games like Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V), Red Dead Redemption ( Wild West game similar to Grand Theft Auto), Watchdogs, and Skyrim (Article about Skyrim: http://phspawprint.com/2018/01/19/from-rags-to-riches-story-of-the-dragonborn/ ).

Enough about things like tech or posters. Five Below also sells decorations that you can put in a room like pillows, frames, clothes and PLENTY of toys. If you’re looking for a good but still cheap toy or game, go to Five Below to suit your needs.

CONGRATULATIONS!! IT’S _______’S BIRTHDAY !!! Uh-oh… you have the gift already but you still need a gift bag and a card. NO FEAR, FIVE BELOW IS HERE!! It’s the perfect place for a quick fix in a situation like that

For future reference, if you ever need to find a Five Below, just look here. The closest one from Parkdale is next to the Jersey Mike’s @ Beltway Plaza // Greenbelt Mall. There is also one location in Bowie Town Center a few doors down from Music and Arts. One other location I go to whenever I’m near Wheaton-Silver Spring is in Aspen Hill not too far from the Wingstop.