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Students strive to make ends meet in fourth quarter

The final quarter is, for many students, the final chance to bring their grades up before the year ends. For other students, it’s merely the last part of the school year in which they can begin to finally rest. Whether a student is on the right track or scrambling to pass, one thing remains common:  fourth quarter is the part of the year when students begin running out of motivation to continue.

Some students have found ways to cope with this lack of motivation, but other students have not. They lash out in stress and frustration. They get angry and usually refuse to talk with anyone. Sometimes it becomes a serious problem and many may end up lashing out in pure frustration at anyone around them, refusing to talk to anyone despite how clearly they need help.

However, some students actually try and talk with the teachers to try and get help. But, they may not accept the help due to being too frustrated to listen properly, which leads to more problems for everyone especially themselves. More arguments, more failures may come about and in the most extreme cases, they could start failing some classes due to this stress.

Some students’ stress may stem from realizing they have come too far and done very little to secure their grades..

“[Some] students have stress due to the fear of not graduating or passing the class,” said world languages teacher Mrs. Robertson.

There are many ways, however, to keep calm in stress with the final quarter, even if the other three quarters have not been the best.

“I encouraged them to complete all assignments, to study, and to ask their teachers questions,” said Mrs. Robertson.

Stress is a really big problem in the final quarter. Students fear failing and get stressed over not making it through the school year. It’s important to talk about what’s happening with others, but very few people go through with this advice and end up keeping their frustration to themselves. But all that does is make things so much worse for them.

Stress and frustration are the greatest threat to any student succeeding in the final quarter, because the anger caused by it makes people keep it to themselves.  Do not keep your stress inside; let it out and tell others about how you feel, because it’s the only way things will get better.