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Once Upon A Gown helps save prom for many

Prom is popularly known by many high schoolers as one of the most magical moments in their high school career.  However, for some, the numerous and pricey costs of prom could keep them from feeling the magic.

That’s where “Once Upon a Gown” steps in.

“Once Upon A Gown” is a non-profit organization created by Alesha Wilson that gives away free new or gently used prom dresses, shoes, accessories and even tuxedos/suits for guys, as well.

The organization also shows makeup and hair demonstrations to complete the full “prom look”. While most customers use the service for prom, , it is also available for any formal event through middle school and high school. Anyone from the DMV area can participate in the “Once Upon A Gown” event.

The latest “Once Upon A Gown” event was on March 17, 2018 at the Seat Pleasant community center. All attendants of the event could leave with one dress, one pair of shoes, and accessories, but there were chances to win free items and services and raffle prizes. They were also shown hair and makeup demos.

According to the “Once Upon A Gown” website, Wilson stated that the Seat Pleasant event was “catering to students who are attending their 8th grade, junior, or senior prom who are in need of support. Parents and guardians are permitted to attend with their students.”

Although the event was held in PG County, the event was up for anyone looking for special items to make their formal day spectacular.

“If you are not a Prince George’s County resident or student, that’s okay!” Wilson wrote on the site. “Students from the DMV area are permitted to attend, but you must register. You must register online through ‘Evenbrite’ – there will be on-site registration. Registration is FREE!”

As a Bowie High School Alumni, Wilson created this organization to help those teens in need of looking and feeling their best on their special nights.  Although she does not get paid for her organization, she counts it as a real job because of all the hard work it requires to run a smooth and big non profit organization. She relays on sponsors, her team, and customers, as well.

“Once Upon A Gown” also offers community service hours for students interested in volunteering All you have to go is go to their website “onceuponagown.org” and go to their “Contact us” page and send your information.

Participants in the “Once Upon A Gown” organization do not just have to be customers, but they can be donors, as well.  Anyone with gently used formal dresses or tuxes can drop off the items at the location listed in the “Donations” section of the website.  While donation season is closed now, customers can donate once the donation season opens.