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Prom season breaks students’ pockets

With prom season fast approaching, high school girls are looking to social media, celebrities on the red carpet and Pinterest to see what others girls are wearing. More often than not, the stress can become all too real when trying to find the perfect dress that meets all the anticipated expectations.

Many seniors will be attending prom, which to many is known as the pinnacle of a typical high school experience. During senior year there are a lot of expenses to cover, and prom is right at the top of most expensive. For female students, they have to balance the expenses of hair, nails, makeup, shoes and more, all while trying to find an inexpensive but beautiful dress..

One avenue that a lot of girls use to find prom dresses are boutiques and prom dress collection shops, such as David’s Bridal, or Nikki’s Bridal and some online avenues such as Jovani Fashion and Rent The Runway.

The biggest factor for most high school students is figuring out what dress they like and can afford. Dresses at David’s Bridal range from $50-900, while dresses from Jovani Fashion range from $199-700.

Although customers cannot keep the dresses, Rent The Runway has been a beneficial avenue for many prom dress hunters. Rent The Runway is where a gown made by designers can be rented for as low as $70 -800 depending upon the dress you want.

Some students are willing to pay whatever it takes to get the perfect look for that night.

“I paid $630 for my dress,” said senior Tavia Cox. “I honestly never planned on buying a dress that expensive for prom, but when I tried it on, I just loved it and had to buy it.”

Some former prom-goers have chosen to resell their prom dresses to get some money back since girls typically only wear the gown on that night.  For some, though, it won’t be just a one-night waste.

“It’s definitely something I’m not willing to sell because of how much I paid for it,” said Cox. “I definitely plan to keep it simply because it doesn’t hurt to have it in my closet in case I need a dress like it someday.”

Some retailers know the desperation that girls sometimes feel when prom dress shopping and take advantage of that.  One store in particular, “C Collection,” actually charges five dollars for every dress customers try on. At the end of the day, customers may spend an additional and unnecessary 20 dollars trying on four dresses but buy none of them.

Whether in store or online, aside from pricing, there are many other problems that girls come across when trying to find a dress such as the sizing availability, color variation and the different styles of silhouette available.

One of the more popular silhouettes for prom season is mermaid because girls want to accentuate their figure on the big day but it’s difficult to find a dress in a color that won’t look exactly like someone else’s.

Due to these problems, girls often turn to customizing their dresses to get the uniqueness they want and at a price point that fits their budget.

Sometimes, however, customizing could result in trouble if the dress does not come out how you envisioned it. If it doesn’t come out how it was intended, girls choose to pay an extra penny to get it tailored!

Prom may look glamorous but it certainly does not come with a cheap price tag.