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Teachers navigate the ins and outs of being a ‘favorite’

Being a favorite teacher comes with a lot of responsibility. Teachers have a lot on their plate just by teaching, and for some,  they feel they have to go an extra mile just to be liked by their students.

However, there is no one singular way to become a “student favorite” when it comes to being a teacher. Students have different perspectives on who their favorite teacher is and why. Some students prefer the chilled and jovial teachers while some appreciate the strict teachers more.


“For me personally, the three characteristics I would like a favorite teacher of mine to have is organization, resistance, and understanding” said junior Phillip Phillips.

While some students think it’s important for a teacher to be responsible and productive in the teacher role, others think personality help to make a teacher a favorite..

“My favorite teacher is [math teacher] Ms. Dunn because she is understanding, patient, she’s nice, and caring,” said junior Urease Asong.

Niceness, patience and understanding can certainly help a teacher go far in their careers and in the classroom.  They should, however, navigate the line between being nice and being too friendly.  Some teachers think the most important part of teaching is actually teaching.

“Personally I am a very strict teacher because I expect my student to do the best they can,” said ESOL English teacher, Mr. Fonebi. “I expect them to follow basic classroom rules, [and] I encourage them to do the best.”

A common misconception is that giving less homework would make a teacher a favorite teacher, but some students feel that is not the case.

“When some students think of less homework, they are like ‘oh my gosh, am I going to go home? Am I going to rest? They didn’t give me homework, they’re my favorite teacher!’” said Asong. “But what they don’t know is that giving homework is for you to understand, know what’s going on in class and stuff like that.”

Veteran teachers Ms. Metzel, who teaches math, and Mr. Adams, who teaches English have a few tips on how to become students’ favorites:

  1. “Act like a goofball, treat them like an adult, be honest with them, give them opportunities to experience new items whether it being for college career, content or anything like that.” -Ms. Metzel  making the students feel secure and save in their learning environment, while the teacher tries to educate them by making them comfortable while learning something.
  2. “Empowerment, make them understand that what they are doing is good.” -Mr. Adams
  3. “It depends on how the students react to the teacher because favorite teacher are willing to go out of their way to help the students whether it’s the content learn, getting the classroom clean up, getting help whether it was inside or outside of the classroom, regular teachers they can just show up and do their work.” -Ms. Metzel