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The Spring 2018 Season of Anime

The Spring 2018 season of anime has debuted, consisting of many sequels and shows for newcomers as well. What is anime you might ask? Anime in this context refers to the Japanese style of animation that is used to create cartoons that can hit multiple different audiences, especially those in the USA.

Persona 5, which was created by A-1 Pictures, is an anime based off of the video game that was released in early 2017. Despite its name, Persona 5 is not synonymous with the other shows in the series, so it can be watched as a standalone.

Persona 5 is an anime about an extremely introverted boy named Amamiya Ren, who attends a high school like any other person. However, he discovers that he has the power to warp reality and cleanse the hearts of others, particularly those with corrupt and inhumane personalities. Ren is able to find other friends at this school who have this power as well, and they form the Phantom Thieves.

Persona 5 has an average rating of a 7.39 out of 10 on MAL(MyAnimeList), and its an extremely flashy and enjoyable show to watch.

My Hero Academia, which was created by Studio Bones, is another show worth watching this season. My Hero Academia is continuing with its third season, after its massive success last year.

My Hero Academia takes place in a world where the majority of the population has some sort of super power, called a quirk. The main character, Midoriya Izuku, is born quirkless and is bullied by his peers and quickly shunned by society as a whole. However, one day, a hero named All Might gives Midoriya a powerful quirk, and Midoriya is able to capitalize on this opportunity to make use of the gift, using his power to get into a prestigious school for learning how to become a hero.

“It’s surprisingly even better paced than the last season and it adapts quite faithfully from the manga still,” said junior Ayomide Okeshola. “The current arc is preparing for a major game changer, so look out, this is a definite watch after seasons one and two.”

My Hero Academia’s newest season has an average rating of an 8.74 out of 10 and is a must watch for those who love action shows and extremely emotional moments.

Steins Gate Zero, which was made by White Fox, is the highly anticipated sequel of the original Steins Gate,  made in 2011. After seven years, this sequel was made with an “alternate ending” to the original show.

In the first season, the protagonist Okabe Rintarou accidentally invents a time machine. As a result of this, he and his friends abuse this time machine by using it to fix their broken pasts. However, by using the time machine, they eventually change their fates to irreparable states.

The second “season” acts as an “alternate ending” in which the protagonist fails to save his own lover, thus failing his goal. As a result, he attempts to come up with a way to use the time machine to recover from his mistakes.

“Steins Gate Zero is a well-written time travel adventure anime,” said junior Nelly Carino. “It deals with fascinating themes such as paradoxes, death, and trauma.”

The second season of Steins Gate has an average rating of a 9.14 on MAL, which shows its popularity within the community. The first season is definitely a worthwhile watch, as it goes through a gripping and thrilling journey of the horrors of time travel.

Tokyo Ghoul Re, an anime made by Studio Pierrot, is also one to look out for this season. Tokyo Ghoul Re is a sequel of the critically-acclaimed Tokyo Ghoul, and the new season takes place a few years after the events of the first season.

The story takes place in a world where some “people” are actually ghouls, who consume human flesh and blood. The problem is that ghouls appear like normal humans until the moment when they strike for a meal. This creates a horror and thriller type of anime filled with paranoia and suspense. Torture and cannibalism are commonplace here.

Although the first two seasons were quite good, there are many criticisms with the new art style and seemingly disorganized plot. Although these criticisms hold a lot of ground, it is still recommended to try it before making a judgement yourself.

Every new season, there are new anime with lots of potential, or sequels to previous amazing shows. There is something for everyone, and you just need to look a bit.



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