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Parkdale SGA provides students with spirit week options; changes last minute

Last week on October 3rd all Parkdale student received a email listing all the activities that are upcoming on homecoming week. The most exciting part of homecoming week is the actually week leading up where the school participates in wacky tacky day, twin day, class color day, international day, green and gold day. However, there were other options like pride day, denim day, black and white day, bikers vs surfers, twin day, and Disney day were never celebrated.

On August 28, Parkdale’s SGA tweeted a post that had polls for the students, so they can decide what they can have for spirit week.

“The polls the [SGA Members] put out on the days are more like suggestions”, said Mr. Adams head of Parkdale’s SGA. “Then after you do the poll then it comes to me and then administration because we have to approve whatever it is you all [Students of Parkdale] come up with.”

There are multiple steps when making a school event because it isn’t as simple as deciding yes or no. The SGA has to consider their options first when making events like spirit week because it is in a school environment, so the event has to have an educational purpose. This is why the suggestions in the polls differ from the final results for spirit week like adding International day.

“That’s why we put international day,” said Mr. Adams. “We put that back in there because we wanted something that connected to [school]. Especially since it’s Hispanic Heritage Month and you know we want to make sure that there’s some type of lead way with that.”

Some students believe spirit should and shouldn’t be educational.

“It should be educational because we [students] are doing it in school, but [also] no because that’s pretty much the only time we got to be creative,” said junior Jocelyn De Leon. Other students, however, do feel like they did learn something from spirit week.

“I learned that students can have fun while following the rules of the school. Spirit week also gave me a chance to learn more about the people around me,” said a student from Parkdale.

Another reason some options differ from the polls were because when selecting the events for spirit week the SGA has to consider the entire student body.

“The students don’t think about it, but there’s certain things we have to consider like participation; how many people are going to be able to afford certain things.” said Mr. Adams

Most students don’t consider that when it’s spirit week that you spend money. Usually in events like homecoming, photo booth, class night, battle of the athletes, and buying class shirts all require quite a bit of funds. And theses are just events in school. Other students buy clothes, props, accessories, and face paint to go all out in spirit week. All these in school and out of school expense can really cost a lot.

“I personally have no preference in what they put in Spirit week as long as it’s something that includes everyone,” said a student from Parkdale. Spirit week is a good thing to participate in your school, to make good memories, and it’s good way to have fun.  Your Spirit week wear doesn’t have to go all out, just as long as you try to participate.