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Top 10 things to do over winter break

It’s almost that time of the year when you get together with your family and stuff your face with the delicious food, but that’s not all. The best part about winter is winter break. The joy of not going to school for a good week and two days. So here are some tips from one student to another to brighten up your break.

  1. Catch up on beauty sleep

This is a MUST. We all know we been staying up either because it’s doing homework to bring up those grades or staying on your phone for a few “minutes”, more like a few hours. It’s okay, admitting is the first step into rehabilitation. So once, your winter break starts, put on your comfiest pajamas and take a 8 hour nap

    2.Binge watch all of your favorite shows

You can finally binge watch all the shows you’ve fallen behind on. No more school or teacher interrupting your precious binge watching time. You can dedicate all 24 hours of the day to your show, just don’t forget to leave the water and food bowl out for your dog, your siblings or something.

3.Binge eat

Since we’re on the topic of binge watching, you might as well binge eat too, so wear your oversized sweatpants and shirt to eat the most. This is a break, you deserve to be treated like royalty for a good week so let the food come to you. There are so many options to choose from; there’s Chinese, pasta, wings, seafood. Don’t worry about those calories, they don’t count because you’re on break. So go ahead, chow down on everything.

4.Give your room a makeover

Let’s face it, your room is a mess right now (If it isn’t them good for you. You’ll still have to clean your room though because your parent says so. Give your room some colors, clean it, move around some furniture. Give back those ‘borrowed’ items that you got from your siblings’s room. Just don’t stop midway of cleaning because you found a lot of stuff you thought you lost. Either way, just do something to your room, it’s begging you to.

5.Have a SPA day

     First things first, you’re terrible at listening to your skin. It’s probably yelling to be moisturized and cleansed. It’s not just your skin, it’s your nails too. Cut your cuticles, paint them if you can (if you can’t then that’s okay. We’re not artists, plus there’s always nail polish remover.) Treat your skin over the break so it won’t look as bad once you go back. Maybe you can get that number of the person you’ve been crushing on as well

6.Go out with friends

    Socialize over this break, please. It isn’t as bad as it sounds. You can do so many things with your friends like going shopping, ice skating, see a movie, or bake some goods. Yea, most of these things sound scary if you don’t do this regularly, but you’ll have memories to look back at and for your friends to laugh at.

7.Go out again

     Yes, I am aware I said this twice. You need to go out for at least two days of your winter break. Go see the zoo lights, they’re pretty and free. That’s a two for one, just make sure you wrap up good, it gets pretty chilly late at night. Go out with your crush, your mom, your siblings, basically anyone that you know. You going out will be good for your soul, so do it.

8.Arts and crafts

   Who knows maybe your a Picasso or Van Gogh under all those layers of laziness in you. Make some nice stick figures or a snowman and when you’re done hang them up on the fridge, go ahead and show off your masterpiece. Just make sure your name is on the front so your parents don’t think it’s from your little siblings.

9.Cook or Bake

Learn how to finally cook or bake. This can help you save some money and make your parents proud that you finally decide to get up and do something productive, might even make them shed a tear. This can also come handy when you’re home alone, broke, and starving. Say goodbye to boring old ramen and say hello to new and improve ramen. If things don’t work out, you will always have Chinese food to rely on.


     Last but not least, donate to your local thrift shop. It’s the season of giving, so give to those who aren’t as fortunate as you. This will make you feel good and make you have more space in your room to add even more unnecessary things to your room.