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Life through eyes of immigrants

Immigrants all over the world have faced problems in their lives at least once because of their drawbacks. The common problems are that immigrants face are (Language barriers, employment, housing, access to services, transportation issues, cultural differences, prejudice and racism, isolation, and children).

Language barriers

  • Immigrants of any country usually face the issues of not being able to communicate in other languages. Times could be difficult from jobs to the schooling, to buying food, which is a major reason why learning the native language is crucial.


  • Many times undocumented immigrants most likely face discrimination or are mistreated on the job by other employees. According to “TheQuinnLawFirm”, employers may use this as an opportunity to “force workers to labor in long hours without paying, not paying minimum wage for failing to compensate for work that is done under the table, not offering job training or protective equipment for dangerous jobs”


  • When it comes to housing problems immigrants are typically very vulnerable because they are considered easy targets for landlords. Migrants may find themselves in a predicament in housing court because they usually can’t speak the language and they don’t understand the type of system that they’re dealing with. Oftentimes, other problems that they deal with is cost, a lack of credit score, and a shortage of affordable units.

Access To Services

  • In order to have service an immigrant can ask for an interpreter and explain their rights but many times that’s not the case. One of the major issues for migrants is healthcare, legal advice to mental health or social services. Since many immigrants do not have health insurance the cost of a single hospitalization can put you into debt.

Transportation issues

  • Having a driver’s license is very important meaning there will be a price to pay in order to become qualified. Again language is an issue if you can’t understand, finding a public transit service is going to be a hard task.

Cultural differences

  • According to “Immigroup” immigrants have reported that “it’s the cultural differences that really make a big impression”. This social customs can build up to greater issues such as attitudes towards “gender, religious diversity, ethnicity and sexuality, which cannot be there to be very different in a new country”. Not being able to accept the values of new culture can lead to a sense of isolation for immigrants that affects the amount of health tremendously.


  • Usually, the parents of the children experience different problems when bringing them to a new country. No matter where you come from others will feel like outsiders. And secondly, parents often have issues with the school when the language barrier affects their children. Their children may have difficulty doing homework being social or trying to get help and school.

Prejudice and Racism

  • Sometimes there are confronted with discrimination that results not being able to access basic services. The consistency of racism and discrimination please send a loss of confidence and a sense of not belonging.


  • Not having the support from friends or family is a major factor for many migrants. Those who came from communities that are strong can feel lost or alienated without the traditional support.

These are many of the problems that are faced in their lives. “ I believe that immigrants are treated wrong said 8th grader Karina Gomez. Our president from our country USA has been taking almost all immigrants rights. Immigrants come to the USA to work hard and do something great for their family. And people are treating the immigrants really bad, they say that immigrants come from their countries just because they want to or just to make USA look bad but that’s not really what it’s “.