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BTS V ‘Scenery’ gives fans the ‘chills’

Taehyung, a member of the record-smashing Korean pop group BTS, is bringing ALL THE FEELS with his latest single, “Scenery.”  Fans had to wait quite some time to have access to this sweet melody, though.

On December 30th, Jimin, a member of BTS, dropped a self-composed song called “Promise” that broke records for being the most streamed song on Soundcloud in less than 24-hours of being released, a title that was once held by rap superstar Drake.

On January 19th, Jimin went live on Vlive (Which I of course watched). In the middle of the live stream, he talked about Taehyung releasing a solo song later in the year. Jimin later tweeted “Taehyung-ah, I love you *red and purple heart emojis* Everyone, let’s wait for Taehyungie!!! I’m sooooooooooo excited ahhhhhhh !!!! *purple heart emojis*”. Taehyung quickly replied back with a tweet saying, “Yes, everything he said is right… Yes, it’s right… It was like that.”

Three days later, BTS’s Suga collaborated with South Korean singer Lee Sora for a song called “Song Request”. And a few days before the self-composed song “Scenery” by BTS’s V was released, BTS’s Jungkook, the youngest of the band, released a cover of “Ending Scene” by South Korean singer, IU. Seems like the guys were dropping solos before their comeback.

On Janurary 30th, Scenery was finally released. But this wasn’t the first time fans were exposed to the highly-anticipated track.

The song was first teased on January 24th when a member of the group posted a video on Twitter of Taehyung (V’s birth name) working on it, captioning it as “Self-composed song”. If you’re anything like me wiith their post notifications on, you may have wondered if his song style would match just like “Promise”, “Song Request”, and  “Ending Scene” because of the soft sound of the piano and the instrumental of the ballad.

When the solo song was dropped, ARMYs (the nickname for their fans) were overwhelmed and excited, so they used the hashtag on twitter #ProudOfYouTaehyung to cheer for him. Including two sweet video reactions from his fellow bandmates Jimin and Jungkook.

The five-minute long ballad was in Korean, his native language, but had English lyrics.

The song starts off with a soothing sound of white noise and chimes, which paints a beautiful and loving picture, with the calming melody continuing throughout the song along with Taehyung’s soulful voice.

By listening to the song before reading the lyrics, fans may find themselves starting to feel relaxed as the instruments played nicely, yet so soothingly. A uniquely surprising sound of a camera going off in the background, making shutter noises goes smoothly with piano and string instruments playing.  

Since Taehyung is also known as a photographer and always carries a camera around to collect memories, the sounds of the camera shutters were an amazing metaphor of collecting memories with every pictures he takes.

A good idea is to listen to the song for the second time while reading the lyrics. This will lead to fully understanding the meaning of the song, the soothing sounds of the background, and the instrumental.

From what I understand, Taehyung is simply saying he wants to keep all of the beautiful moments and memories as if he’s taking pictures, as he softly sings the chorus of the song “I still wonder wonder beautiful story. Still wonder wonder best part. I still wander wander next story. I want to make you mine.” and the soft shutter sound of the camera going off.

After reading the lyrics and listening again, fans may find themselves, much like I did, picturing beautiful scenery of the beach, the woods, a flowery meadow, a beautiful view of a city, and all things that are relaxing.

The cover picture Taehyung uses for his solo vibes perfectly what the tone he sets throughout the entire song. The beautiful artistic aesthetic vibes create an image that shows that not only is he a musician, but a full blown artist as well.

A beautiful promise, a loving confession, and longing– BTS V 풍경 (Scenery) is truly a sweet, soothing tune.