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Panther poll shows that younger siblings are the best in the family…duh!

How’s it going, older siblings? Constantly feeling the pressure by your parents of having more restrictions, and everyone expecting you to be the “Golden Child”? The list can go on and on. Must be tiring, huh? Can’t relate. As the smarter, funnier, and obviously more attractive younger sibling, we babies of the family have so many benefits.

According to an article in Bustle, “We [younger siblings] get less parental attention.” This might sound sad, but trust me, we love it. We can almost get away with anything, like grades. Older siblings have to have good grades, but the youngest will get a pat on the back and told to keep trying.

Parents are also a lot more likely to say yes to most things, like going out and coming back late. Early curfew?! What is that?

Since the youngest sibling has less parental attention, it can mean that they’re a bit more of a rebel than the oldest. This could lead to the youngest into trouble, like being grounded, having their phones taken away. But let’s be honest, with these baby faces, punishment rarely lasts too long.

Another benefit is that once you enter a new school, most people know you as [Insert Older Sibling’s Name]’s little sibling. It sucks when other students can’t remember your name, but hey! At least the lower classmen think you’re cool by talking with the upperclassmen.

The downside: this blessing is also a curse. If you had a older sibling who skipped in their hay day, many teachers will think you’ll do the same and will give you a hard time when you’re really just an angel. For me, everyone thought I was going to be as athlethic as my older brother who did track and swimming. The looks on their faces when I said “no way” still cracks me up.

Sadly, the story is the same once you go home. If your older sibling was a troublemaker, you were suppose to be a saint. If they participated in sport, then you had to do the same. If they had good grades, then you had to have even better grades. You basically have to be better, which is easy since you already are, but the pressure to maintain it is killer.

Younger siblings are also considered to be more creative, according to Huffpost.com. Older siblings tend to be smarter with a higher IQ, but technically, the youngest is still smart, just in other areas. We’re basically the next Picasso or Da Vinci. We will be remembered as a legend.

No matter how old the youngest sibling gets, we will always be referred as “The Baby” of the family, which trust me, has its perks. When I’m 60 years old, I will still be the baby, while the oldest will just be some wrinkly old guy.

Sorry older sibs.  Better luck next time!