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New era of Robotics breaks stereotypes

The Robotics Club at Parkdale has been breaking the “nerd” stereotype since 2013. Robotics is more than what people make it out to be, and the club is working hard to help change the real world.

Coordinator and technology teacher Ms. Bogoski started the robotics club at Parkdale to not only help students but also learn something new herself.

“The end of my first year at Parkdale, the principal asked me if i was interested in starting robotics club and I thought ‘why not?’” said Ms. Bogoski. “So I’ve been learning all along with the kids.”

Ever since, the Robotics Club has been going to two competitions each year. In many occasions, the club has been close to winning, only losing by a few points. Although they haven’t taken home title for overall winner, in the first year, the team won the Rookie All-Star Award.

Sophomore Ahmed Sesay, who joined Robotics during his freshman year, has been in the competitions before and very much enjoys participating.

“They’re very fun,” said Sesay. “They split the play area into three areas: the pits, the actual game area, and the bleachers.The pits are where the actual teams go to prep their robots for the game.” When the teams are not competing, they would explore the school or work on their robot.  

Although many may think that Robotics is just putting wires together to create robots, the process goes much further than that. Sesay joined the team not only because his friends were a part of it, but also because he wanted to learn more about coding.

“I like getting to learn about different programs like CAD [a 3d modeling software], Sesay said. “I also like working on different projects with my team, like the building process”

As a team, the PHS Robotics team is very united and work hard towards having what it takes to build strong and unique projects.

“We’re very flexible in that we are used to adapting to many different situations,” said Sesay. “Another reason for this is that we are willing to step out

of our comfort zones if it’s means finding an easier way to build a part for our robot.”

In addition to building robots and coding, the club teaches members other skills important in adulthood, like electrical programing , web design and business and finance.

The robotics team meets twice a week on Wednesdays and Thursdays after school in Room A117.