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Juniors, you’re up! Here are six tips on surviving senior year

Senior year can be the best year of high school… as long as you you try. It is better to start planning at the end of junior year so you can have a stress-free last year of high school before you take on the real world.

Here are some tips to help you have a enjoyable year.

Get an early start

Many people who don’t do well in school feel “If I could do it all over again, I would probably have pushed myself a little more to keep up with the deadlines”.

Start getting a lot of work done over the summer before the new school year begins.  This includes researching colleges and scholarship opportunities. If you get a head start, you can submit all your applications early, so you don’t have to worry about it during your senior year– and you’ll also beat out the competition.

The application process can be troublesome and can take up lots of time, so it’s best to make sure you have enough time for each deadline.

Don’t let this be that “dang I really messed up now” moment. Once, you begin to fall a little behind on deadlines with school work piling up, getting everything out of the way relieves a really big burden off the shoulders.

Look at your options

  • Check out the colleges that are best for you, big or small.
  • Visit colleges in the summer. On these visits, you can network with current students and faculty, which could help get your foot in the door.
  • Apply to multiple schools– and save up money for the application fees! The average college application costs roughly $50, so be sure you have your funds together.

Build Your Profile

All of the hard work during high school really pays off during the college application  process. Participating in a lot of different clubs, extracurricular activities, and challenging yourself academically might seem like a big burden and a huge hassle at the time, but it’ll be worth it.

Keep all of your school awards: They increase the chances of getting accepted.  If you haven’t been the most active, there is still time left! The summertime is a great time to volunteer.  Click here for a list of nonprofits offering volunteer services this summer.

Know your deadlines

Some colleges have different deadlines! Make sure to know when the deadlines are for each college. When you are given deadlines to send stuff in, don’t just be like ‘oh I’ll just slap something together to meet the deadline and I can fix it later’ because that never ends well.. Try to set aside a certain time each week to just work on college applications.

Don’t worry about your major so much

You have so much time to think about what you want to do in life. You have the rest of high school and can even change majors in college. Go out, try things, and you’ll eventually know what you want to do. It’s ok to not know where you want to go, what you want to major in, or what you want to do after college. You don’t have to stick with what you chose because new majors are always worth exploring. Explore, though.  There are tons of majors you may not have even heard of, so keep an open mind and see what’s out there.

Enjoy your senior year

It is your last year of high school. Yes, work and college applications are important but having a little fun is okay. Go to after school activities, spend more time with your friends, try new things, and go to dances. Its your last year after all. Make it memorable.