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Planet Fitness’ Free Summer Membership for Teenagers

Beginning on May 15 through September, Planet Fitness is having a free membership program for teenagers from the age of 15 up to 18. Their goal is to motivate teenagers to go to the gym during the summer instead of not engaging in any physical activity.

According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, it is recommended that adolescents engage in at least 60 minutes of physical activity. Without walking to and from school or between classes, students’ daily physical activity  may take a downturn in the summer months.

“I think it’s important to exercise during the summer because it’s a good way to keep yourself active while you aren’t in school,” said sophomore Angie Lemus-Gonzalez.

During the school year, students have the option of taking a gym class or a class with a type of physical activity, but when school is out, students don’t have that class which could cause their health status to suffer.

According to TheList, some consequences your body suffers are your metabolism slows down, you get injured much more easily, your bones get weaker etc.

Not only does going to the gym help you look good but it also brings benefits to your health status.

As mentioned by HealthLine, research shows that going to the gym brings benefits. It is scientifically proven that it makes you happier. When you’re exercising, it changes parts in the brain that regulates stress and anxiety and it produces endorphins which gives off positive feelings and reduces pain. It also helps you with losing weight; you’re burning calories and building muscle mass instead of fat. Not only do you lose weight but it helps with building bone density so you won’t get osteoporosis and it makes your bones stronger. It increases the energy levels a person has, even in people who suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome, cancer, HIV/AIDS, and sclerosis.

Planet Fitness is motivating teenagers to go during the summer. Since the membership is free, it will motivate teenagers to exercise and their bodies will be healthy. They will receive many benefits and live a healthy life.