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10 ways to make your school year the best

Schools back in session for the 2019-2020 school year and although it may be hard balancing school life and personal life, it’s possible!. Here are some tips to make your school year easier and keep your sanity:

1. Stay on task  

I know it may be hard to stay on task when the class is not something you enjoy or when you are just having a bad day. But paying attention and listening to what is happening can help you with other work or when taking a test.

2. Keep a solid circle of good friends 

 According to the Miami Herald, “research shows that children who lack friends can suffer emotionally later in life. Friendships are not just playmates — they help children learn social skills, such as how to communicate, cooperate and solve problems.”

It’s important to try to make friends with people who do work and can help you both in and outside of school. Friendships are a big part of motivation and success, and quality friends are there for you when you most need it. You know what they say: a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.  Make sure your links are sturdy.

3. Keep up your grades 

Grades are important to graduate and get into college, it is important to keep up with assignments and keep your GPA high  

According to varsity tutors “Colleges may use your GPA as an indication of how well you will perform academically at the collegiate level”

Some ways to keep us your grades are

  • Attending class every day.
  • Having an excused note so you can get makeup work
  • Always review and reread any work before its turned in.
  • Be prepared. Always have a pen or pencil with you at all times

4. Do your homework 

Homework may not be the fun you’re hoping for after school, but it does help students practice more on the subjects they are doing in class. According to blogger John Gonzales,  “doing home assignment develops the sense of punctuality. In adult life, all people have to meet some deadlines. Those who got used to it being a student are more likely to be responsible and punctual.”

Additionally, according to PGCPS Administrative Procedure 5121.3, 

A homework grade is based on completeness rather than what its grade is. So homework is an easy grade that you can get even if not all the answers are right

Doing homework right after school is the best way to go. After you’re done with it you have the whole afternoon to enjoy. 

5. Join after school activities 

After school activities are a fun way to spend time after a long day of learning.

There are many sports, like football, soccer, baseball, and softball, that you can try out to have fun and to stay fit.

If sports AREN’T your thing, try other things like art club, dance class, student council, and Asian Club, to name a few, to socialize and make friends. It can also help you find your hobbies and what you would like to be in the future. For example, if you go to book club and you are fascinated with how the authors write, you may realize you want to become a book writer.

6. Participate in school activities 

School events are always happening, from sports to class-sponsored activities.  Who cares if our sports teams aren’t the absolute best? Try to go out to a soccer game, a volleyball match, a track meet! Often times, certain classes will also host other activities like a dance, movie night, or the annual cookout. 

Even though it doesn’t get the best wrap every year, there are also events like spirit week where you can dress wacky tacky or with your class color. If you’re sick of wearing a uniform, it’s the perfect time to be unique and create good school memories while also showing your spirit.

7. Try to stay organized 

Being an organized student is important when trying to keep up with studying and work. A good way to  stay organized is to 

  • Label things 
  • Get rid of things that are not needed 
  • Have a section or folder for every class– don’t stuff all your papers into one two-pocket folder! 
  • Get a planner to write down your assignments and due dates

8. Study before a test 

Studying before a test is important to ace a test. When studying try to highlight important things. Re-write things you don’t know. Studying improves many skills that will be useful for all of your school life. Don’t just hope and pray Quizlet has flashcards that you’re looking for–make them yourself!

9. Keep a good spirit and eating well

Being positive can get you through the day. According to Mayo Clinic, “Health benefits that positive thinking may provide include increased life span, lower rates of depression, and lower levels of distress.” 

Try to start your day on the bright side. Eat breakfast so you won’t be hungry for the rest of the day. Breakfast also helps your metabolism. 

If you see someone needs help, offer it. Helping others is the way to go.

10. Relax after a long day 

Sometimes it is hard to find the time to balance school and other activities, but try to take some time off to reduce stress and other things.  You can read a book, watch a show, have a mini spa day. It’s all up to what you find relaxing.