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Freshmen expectations shot down within first month… Duh!

There have been countless Disney movies about high school and how fun and exciting it is to be in a teenaged hormone-infested school. Everyone has heard of “High School Musical”– you know, the one where they start singing and dancing in the middle of every situation and you’re not sure if everyone in the background knows what’s going on or this is just their imagination. Anyway, this was one heck of a lie for kids.  

Kids grow up thinking high school is going to be some preppy, social group thing. In reality, it’s the complete opposite. There is no such thing as the “mean girls” group or jocks . Everyone is doing their own thing either with a group of people or just two friends. 

“… I thought it was gonna be like in the movies,” said a freshman male student who chose to remain anonymous. “Everyone [is] by themselves [really] and [has] two [sets] of friends.”.

There’s not a lot going on with our school either. Compared to movies with constant drama, teen spirit , events or freedom.

…I thought it was gonna be like High School Musical or something like that [such as] school spirit, they left to go get lunch, they drove all this other stuff  but it’s nothing like that,” said freshman Morgan Johnson. “But high school is really what you make it for real.”

Unless you’re one of those kids who managed to have a whole bunch of drama in life then good for you, your life is a whole drama show for others. 

Not only that but every kid has bound to search up “how to survive high school” on Youtube, Google, and etc. There’s a ton of “advice” from people who graduated high school and basically are old enough to start a family giving out advice on surviving high school. If you were one of these kids then honey I have bad news for you: that was a waste of time. Most of these people online talk about the downsides of school and don’t really encourage you about the learning part of school. There is literally a whole video about this girl who looked like she was seducing the teacher (I’m not going to link it). 

High school is also the time for teenage romance. Will you get your heart broken? Will Billy finally notice you across the classroom? Will you and that cute guy (or girl, we don’t discriminate) finally start something? Well, I have good news and bad news…it’s up to you to shoot your shot and if the person you like doesn’t like you, then move on.

“Honestly, I’m not trying to be single anymore, you know,” said the freshman male student. “But like i’m trying to get a girl but if that doesn’t happen I can…I don’t know do something else with my life.” (How’s this guy supposed to get a girl if he’s staying anonymous on his “I’m tryna get a girl” announcement? Who knows!) 

Clearly he has expectations for this school year that a little too high, but we should be rooting for him. And don’t worry, freshmen, we’re rooting for you too.