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Budget buying: 5 gift categories to consider this holiday season

The holidays are getting closer and closer. When it comes to giving friends and family gifts, it can get pricey. According to ABC News, “The average American will spend $700 on holiday gifts and goodies this year.” That’s a lot of buckaroos to spend. Especially if you have a huge family, you’ll end up eating noodle cups after the holidays.This year, you can give everyone gifts while not completely emptying your wallet.

Here are 5 affordable gifts to ball on a budget:


Perfumes and mists are a great gift to give during the festive seasons. They can range from 10 dollars to 300 dollars. A tip is if you want an expensive perfume but don’t have that type of money maybe you aren’t looking in the right place. Stores like TJ Maxx that sell expensive brands at a cheaper cost. You could get yourself a nice perfume or cologne for half the price.


Clothes are universal. Everyone could use a pair of socks or a shirt or two. A great way to shop for clothes is on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. A Lot of stores have discounts. From 30 percent to 50 percent. Old Navy always has promotions and discounts during the season. Forget the electronics on black Friday. Clothing is where the discounts are at.  If you can’t make it to black Friday try going to the clearance aisle. H&M has a great sale aisle. You could find hidden gems. Another great place are variety stores which are stores where everything is sold for less. Where you can find everything for the family and still wouldn’t worry about breaking your bank.


Makeup is a great Christmas gift. Buying makeup sets is the way to go. Advent makeup calendars are very popular during this season.Each day you open a section of the makeup set and a special makeup trinket is in there. They are very affordable and have a variety of items.some makeup sets are also  less expensive than normal full price items. Target, Ulta,and Sephora always have great Christmas sets that are affordable. If you are buying online you can also get discount codes to save some money

Home decorations

Decors like a frame or a mirror are great gifts for adults. Going to stores like Marshalls, Ross, Target, and Burlington are great places to find unique pieces that are affordable than at a normal furniture store. Another idea is revamping something from a thrift shop or a yard sale. 


Children love toys, but they can be expensive. Especially if it’s a new toy that just came out. A great way to save some money is to find coupons. There are always deals with some toys. You can also get toys at places like family dollar or 5 below. 

At the end of the day, holidays are not about giving and receiving expensive things. As long as it truly comes from the heart it’s a great gift. But if you are giving gifts this season make sure to go for the deals.