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CRI Holiday Gift Shop provides real-life shopping experience to students

Santa may be coming to town soon, but students in Parkdale’s CRI program are doing some in-school shopping of their own to secure some gifts for the holiday season!

On December 17, the Holiday Gift Shop was held in Room 104 to expose students to a real-life shopping experience.  The CRI program, which stands for Community Referenced Instruction, supports students with significant cognitive and/other other disabilities by offering them lessons and experiences that will help them in life beyond Parkdale.

During the Holiday Gift Shop, which was organized by Parkdale’s speech pathologist Ms. Turner with the help of Ms. Molash, Dr. Aguilar, Ms. Cannon, and Ms. Mendevil, students were given fake money and coins to use to purchase gifts.  The organizing team set up the gifts around Room 104 for students to shop through and work on calculations in order to ensure they had enough money for their desired gifts. Although the money itself was not real, the experience of browsing, selecting and purchasing an item on their own felt very real–and rewarding–for the students who participated.

Check out the photo gallery below to see more about this fun, engaging and enlightening experience!