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Love is in the air… but not for everyone

February 14th is a date that single people hate for one reason: it’s Valentines Day. However, this day isn’t just about having a significant other and buying them big teddy bears, flowers, chocolates and going on cute dates. Valentine’s Day is more about remembering all the people that you love. Although it’s nice to see all the cute stuff couples do on this day, you can also do cute activities with your loved ones (or even alone!) Check out our list of fun things to do this Valentine’s weekend.

Don’t want to spend too much money? No problem , just have a movie night.

Some people don’t like going out and would rather just have a night in.

“Some activities that I do are go home, take a nap or watch Netflix ” said junior Arleen Garcia.

There are plenty of movies that you can watch on Netflix and Disney+, including:

  • The Notebook
  • Tangled 
  • The Lady and the Tramp 
  • To All the Boys I Loved Before

It’s more than just being in a relationship 

Valentines Day isn’t just about having a boyfriend or a girlfriend. Many people view it differently.

“I think it’s more about the people that you love” said junior Kamari Willis. Some people that you love could be your friends. More than half (51%) of women will celebrate Valentine’s Day with their friends. There are many ways that you can spend this day with your friends. 

  • Have a small Valentines Day party with your friends.
  • Go out to eat with your loved ones. 
  • Make love cards with your friends and exchange them with each other.
  • Buy the ones you love flowers to brighten up their day. 
  • Make chocolate covered strawberries with your friends. Click HERE for a quick recipe you can do with your friends.

Have the day to yourself and treat yourself 

On this holiday, 27 percent of single people and 33 percent of separated people plan to treat themselves. It’s important to give yourself self care especially on this day since you might be lonely. “It’s important for you to treat yourself because it’s a way of showing yourself self love & it’s a way of making yourself happy,” Garcia said. 

  • Have a spa day 
  • You can binge watch some shows that you haven’t finished yet 
  • Go on a shopping spree and buy things for yourself 
  • Buy yourself chocolate and roses 

Although this day can be sad because you might not have a significant other to spend it with, you have to look at the bright side and see that there are activities that you can do with the ones you love the most. And plus: there’s always next year to secure a partner! Happy Singles Day!