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New Netflix doc portrays Taylor Swift’s pathway to adulthood

Calling all Taylor Swift fans! Or as they like to call themselves, ”Swifties”. Netflix has released a new documentary about the one and only Taylor Swift and an inside of her personal life. Directed by Emmy winner Lana Wilson and produced by Academy Award winner Morgan Neville,  this extraordinary film has high standards it can exceed or not meet at all. “Miss Americana” is out and ready to be opinionated on.

On Jan. 23, Netflix released “Miss Americana.” Lana wilson, Caitrin Rogers, Christine O’Malley, Morgan Neville, and other members made this film possible. 

As I watched this film, I became intrigued more and more over time. Chills were sent down my spine AT LEAST six times. This just shows how intimate and thought out this film truly is. 

Although the main focus is Swift, we manage to see a lot of her mother, Andrea Swift. We get to see how her mother–who was recently diagnosed with cancer– emotionally supports her daughter and we also see the tight bond they have.

From the beginning of the film, videos of a younger Swift are shown. These small clips show Swift’s true love for music and how dedicated she was in the music industry and has been since a young age. These videos aren’t just for show. They contribute to the idea of how Swift has evolved over time, from being a “good girl”, which she considers as a person who doesn’t speak up or cause any type of trouble, to being someone who isn’t afraid to speak up on issues including politics.

As the film slowly progresses, we see the struggles Swift goes through. We see how she reacts when an issue occurs. During this period in the film, the crew manages to make the viewer feel almost as overwhelmed as Swift felt when she went to court over a groping issue. This groping incident happened when an ex-DJ grabbed her bottom and put his hand under her skirt. When the issue was made public, Swift received a lot of backlash, which was depicted on screen through tweets with the comment “#TaylorSwiftPartyIsOver”that piled up quickly. This gave me such an intense feeling, almost as if I was somehow Swift myself. 

When she overcomes this issue, she begins to find her actual voice, not her singing voice but the one she uses to protect herself and help advocate for others.

Soon she becomes open about her political beliefs, this causes everyone to go crazy. Not insane but it was surprising because for 12 years she had kept quiet about what she believes in. She even encouraged younger people with the ability to vote, to actually go out and vote.

And finally the viewer is introduced to Swift’s partner. Although he has a blurry face, we can see how comfortable she is with him. 

All the messages that are being shown through this documentary are so beautiful. Not only do they speak on how men shut the ideas of women down, they fight for equal pay for BOTH genders, inform the viewers about LGBTQ+, how social media can really torment a person, AND self love/body positivity.

Although Swift didn’t go into much detail about it, she hinted at battling with an eating disorder at one point. She told the viewer she felt as if she would faint every time she would perform and as a singer, performing is something she has to do. This sheds light on the fact that eating disorders is a problem. According to the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders, EVERY 62 minutes at least one person dies as a result from a eating disorder. However, Swift and other known celebrities have joined the Body Positive Movement. Not that this will stop eating disorders completely, it will certainly spread awareness.

An element that was added in the documentary that made it easier to understand is when the producer would add the event and age Swift was in. It helped comprehend how important some events were and why she reacted the way she did.

I give this documentary a rating of 4 out of 5 stars. It has been one of the most well put together documentaries I’ve seen so far. It held my attention throughout most of the film, surprisingly.

Before this documentary, I didn’t know who Lana Wilson was but now that I do, I will certainly watch out for more of her content. She has created two other documentaries called “After Tiller,” this filmed received 92 percent of Rotten Tomatoes, and “The Departure,” received a 100 percent of Rotten Tomatoes. And “Miss Americana” has received a Rotten Tomatoes rating of  92 percent.