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Mr. Baseball’s world-famous socks spin students heads right round

Socks come in variation from no-show to knee length; there’s a pair for everyone and all their fashion needs. Amazingly, the trend of socks has carried on to the professional level with the likes of United States history teacher, Mr. Poulakos.

Spreading his message of extraordinary style within adulthood,  Mr. Poulakos’s socks are a true fashion statement of what it means to be original in an office world, typically so cold and tainted by the use of solid colored socks. Leading the PHS sock trend, Mr.Poulakos mentions how he has sparked this new uprising of colored comfort in and out of the classroom.

“I have around ten socks that I rotate not including the basic black socks and basic white socks,” said Mr.Poulakos. “A couple of years ago I went into the store, saw socks that I loved and got them –  now people are giving me socks as gifts.”

As a teacher, Mr.Poulakos’s socks have been a standing point of interest for many students in the classroom.

“When I’m grading papers, students will notice my socks sometimes and compliment them,” he explained.

However, some students have stated they find themselves looking at his socks instead of paying any mind to his lessons at times!

“When I get confused and lose track of what he’s saying, I’ll sit there and try to understand why he wears the socks he does,” said senior Mimi Nguyen. “Staring at his socks is honestly [sometimes] more interesting than [learning].” 

Aside from his teaching career, Mr. Poulakos is the head varsity baseball coach. He mentions how “there are baseball socks, which are part of the uniform and this year I might start wearing some stirrups.” Stirrups are socks that cover your baseball socks.

“I know that a couple of guys decided to wear stirrups last year – and they look good,” said Mr. Poulakos. “If I had it my way, all my players would be wearing stirrups.”

His socks aren’t as organized as one may think, though. He mentioned that he doesn’t shop at certain department stores but rather, “it’s just a spring in the moment type of thing – you know, you see those socks and they’re just calling your name; you almost feel a connection with them.”

At the end of the day, Mr.Poulakos does teach at PHS where the uniform policy is strict and as a response Mr.Poulakos stated “These are a trendy-type deal and I’ve never gotten a negative comment from anyone professionally and I think it adds to it. I love wearing these socks.”