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IB, AP programs offer students glimpse into college expectations

March 2, 2020 9:12pm | Mistura Muritala, '23

People all over the world are dying for educational opportunity but luckily for you, two prestigious educational programs are provided for you at Parkdale. The Advanced Placement (AP) and the International Baccalaureate (IB) are high school initiatives that furnish college-like classes that give an insight […]

Real Likes or Real Life: Teens attempt to balance virtual, in-person realities

March 2, 2020 8:47pm | Ineza Merci, '22

For some people, living in the moment has almost completely disappeared. They are now living behind the screens that are either in their hands or on the desks located in their own bedrooms. These screens hold fast access to the lifestyles of many celebrities and […]

Colorism runs deep within walls of U.S. schools

March 2, 2020 8:26pm | Joy Orimogunje, '22

People of color are no strangers to racism, and when there’s racism there is colorism– a form of discrimination that is running rampant not outside of communities of color but within them. Colorism is discrimination based on skin color which usually comes from members of […]

ESOL program proves necessary in smooth transition for students

March 2, 2020 4:17pm | Teresa Djapa, '20

At first glance, one thing that people may see about Parkdale is the diversity of its students. With the third biggest ESOL program in the county, the ESOL population makes up roughly 25 percent of the school. ESOL stands for English to Speakers of Other […]

Young, Black & Hungry for Success: A Q&A session with two Parkdale entrepreneurs

March 2, 2020 3:37pm | Tori Lewis, ‘20

We’re just coming out of February, where we celebrate the achievements of African Americans, but the success doesn’t end on the 29th. Throughout the years, black women have been making history and opening new paths for other generations. There are two successful black young ladies […]

Students exposed to different testing experiences due to format of test

February 28, 2020 2:52pm | Kimberly Ortega, ’22

As the years fly by, most students and teachers have seen the change from paper and pencil tests to computer based tests through elementary, middle and high schools. Although paper tests remain in use, many major tests are all taken on computers. This has created […]

Mock Trial defends undefeated title for second year in a row

February 28, 2020 7:37am | Ashley Vazquez Ramos, '20

The Parkdale Mock Trial team remains undefeated for the second year in a row, but this year they have new members and a new case.  The team has successfully done it again with the help of Mr. Blake, the Mock Trial sponsor who has directed […]

Local CCMS food pantry coordinator demonstrates integrity in community

February 27, 2020 2:06pm | Nathaniel Timoll, '22

The Charles Carroll Middle School (CCMS) Food Pantry is held one Saturday each month  to provide families in need of support with food. Staff members, administrators and voluntary students of New Carrollton participate in the food pantry, but in recent years, the participation and volunteering had […]

A College Major Series Pt. 2: Science degrees offer more opportunities than just lab work

February 27, 2020 1:26pm | Neziah Osayi '20

Believe it or not getting a science degree doesn’t mean that you’re destined to become a scientist. Majoring in science is all scientific method or doing all that “boring” paperwork you had to do to get your grade, it’s more diversely interesting than that. Science […]

Combating stress could be easier than you think

February 26, 2020 5:47pm | Kaisey Olivar-Cruz, ‘20

A day in the life of a student or teacher typically consists of this: Waking up around five o’clock or even earlier to get ready to start the day, then walking out of the house, thinking about how their day is going to be and […]