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Amid polarized politics, voting proves to be more important than ever

October 7, 2020 12:58am | Amanda Addo, '21

As liberals and conservatives, Democrats, Republicans and “undecided” voters are early voting and heading to the polls, the polarized and at times hostile dynamic of this voting season has proven that casting ballots could be more important now than ever before. Although  the country has […]

In wake of social protests, big corporations ‘perform’ in fight against injustice, racism, police brutality

October 6, 2020 5:00pm | Mistura Muritala, ‘22

Would it be fair to say that the corporation that is profiting a specific group of people should at least procure initiative to help that group in a time of need? Is it too much to ask companies and not robots to show some emotion […]

Students vs. teachers: When some conflicts turn physical

August 17, 2020 8:00pm | Brianna Vivar, ‘21

On Nov. 15, 2019 at Largo High School, teacher Vivian Noirie was arrested for assaulting a student. A student in the classroom recorded the fight, a video that quickly went viral after it was posted on social media. Noirie was charged with physical child abuse […]

Society associates swearing with ignorance; science disagrees

August 17, 2020 7:51pm | Mistura Muritala, '22

Children are often taught that the use of cursing to express oneself has been attached to the stigma of being less intelligent than those who don’t curse. However, recent studies have shown that swearing can display an incredible use of language. According to a study […]

Hair discrimination runs rampant in American schools; public spaces

August 17, 2020 7:44pm | Ineza Merci, '22

In the professional world, it seems like the majority of the Black community in the U.S have something that other communities don’t: hair that is considered “distracting and unprofessional.” Sad, right? For many years people with coily, kinky, and afro-like hair have been ostracized for […]

IB, AP programs offer students glimpse into college expectations

March 2, 2020 9:12pm | Mistura Muritala, '23

People all over the world are dying for educational opportunity but luckily for you, two prestigious educational programs are provided for you at Parkdale. The Advanced Placement (AP) and the International Baccalaureate (IB) are high school initiatives that furnish college-like classes that give an insight […]

Real Likes or Real Life: Teens attempt to balance virtual, in-person realities

March 2, 2020 8:47pm | Ineza Merci, '22

For some people, living in the moment has almost completely disappeared. They are now living behind the screens that are either in their hands or on the desks located in their own bedrooms. These screens hold fast access to the lifestyles of many celebrities and […]

Colorism runs deep within walls of U.S. schools

March 2, 2020 8:26pm | Joy Orimogunje, '22

People of color are no strangers to racism, and when there’s racism there is colorism– a form of discrimination that is running rampant not outside of communities of color but within them. Colorism is discrimination based on skin color which usually comes from members of […]

ESOL program proves necessary in smooth transition for students

March 2, 2020 4:17pm | Teresa Djapa, '20

At first glance, one thing that people may see about Parkdale is the diversity of its students. With the third biggest ESOL program in the county, the ESOL population makes up roughly 25 percent of the school. ESOL stands for English to Speakers of Other […]

Young, Black & Hungry for Success: A Q&A session with two Parkdale entrepreneurs

March 2, 2020 3:37pm | Tori Lewis, ‘20

We’re just coming out of February, where we celebrate the achievements of African Americans, but the success doesn’t end on the 29th. Throughout the years, black women have been making history and opening new paths for other generations. There are two successful black young ladies […]