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Government shutdown has impact on PHS

February 7, 2018 7:47pm | Lola Fatinikun, '18

What is a government shutdown and why does it happen some of you may ask. Why should we as high school students care about this, if we’re under 18 and don’t work for the government? How could this possibly affect us? All these question are […]

Paw Print Study: Many students are not getting proper sleep

February 7, 2018 4:12pm | Ernesto Villa, '18

Nowadays, sleep seems to be a thing of the past for many students in the U.S.  Lack of sleep can be caused by insomnia, but many other factors can leave someone with sleep deprivation, whether chronic or acute. A chronic sleep-restricted state can cause fatigue, […]

Effects of recent PGCPS scandals on students

February 4, 2018 9:32pm | Manuel Luis, '18

In Mid-January, five staff members were fired from DuVal High School for intended violation of grading and graduation procedures in effort to boost the school’s graduation rates. The violations were discovered by a state-ordered investigation from whistleblower complaints. These findings leave Prince George’s County Public […]

Are 2018 seniors ready to graduate?

January 20, 2018 5:10pm | Tyrese Fields, '18

Parkdale administration has set a graduating goal, based on last year’s graduation rate, of about 80 percent. According to last year’s graduation statistics, 450 out of 512 seniors graduated, which equates to  roughly 77.5 percent of the senior class. Administration, with influence from the county, […]

Students risk failing classes due to attendance issues

January 20, 2018 2:08am | Leprence Kitt, '19

According to the Prince George’s County policy, students must go to school regularly to receive full credit from their classes to graduate. The PGCPS attendance policy specifies this further by stating that students are allowed to bring in notes with lawful excuses to ensure their […]

Parkdale welcomes new coach

January 18, 2018 5:47pm | Skylar Eury, '18

Towards the end of the 2016-17 school year, Parkdale’s Boys’ Basketball team was hit with bad news from their coach. Coach Tremaine Price, who served as the PHS Boys’ Basketball coach for five years,  decided to leave and transfer to Bowie High School. Some players […]

Net Neutrality: How it may affect you

January 18, 2018 5:38pm | Gabriela Sanchez, '20

For nearly ten years, net neutrality has been in effect so that internet providers like Verizon or Comcast, would not be able to charge consumers for their services or restrict what their views on their devices. Recently, however, Ajit Pai, the chairman of the Federal […]

PHS students strive to end hunger

January 18, 2018 5:02pm | Jovial Njinyi, '18

Beginning in January 2016, Parkdale IB Diploma and AP art students worked with Crossland High School and Frederick Douglass High School art students to paint and decorate ceramic bowls in support of Homelessness Hunger and Poverty (HHP). The HHP campaign started five years ago when […]