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Parkdale administration introduces new drop off system; receives mixed reviews

December 4, 2018 5:18pm | Neziah Osayi '20

Since the final months of last school year, Parkdale adopted a new morning drop-off system. This system, which was headed by principal Dr. Graves Henderson and Sgt. Ruff, had resulted in gridlock traffic within the schools parking lot and the surrounding Good Luck Road. Many […]

Parkdale updates policies to increase safety for students

November 2, 2018 9:09pm | Victor Valdez, 20’

Starting in the beginning of the 2018-2019 school year, Parkdale has undergone several changes for safety issues. Many would call it an improvement, but others may call it a waste of time. According to Dr. Graves-Henderson’s reminders during the morning announcements, safety is Parkdale’s “number […]

Controversial student protests lead to new policy

November 2, 2018 4:47pm | Victor Valdez, ‘20

On September 16, Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) voted for students’ right to protest during school hours and be excused from class. According to Washington’s Top News, “if the proposed policy changes get final approval, public school students in the county would get up to […]

Parkdale offers many opportunities at college and career fair

October 31, 2018 4:47pm | By Neziah Osayi ‘20

On October 10th, Parkdale hosted its annual College and Career Fair, giving students a look into different post-graduation options. Sponsored by Council Chair Dannielle Glaros and Board of Education Member Lupi Grady, the fair was open for all students to explore not only state and […]

Foundations of Technology leads to new Foundation of Life

May 3, 2018 1:16pm | Isabella Muehlinghaus, '20

On Tuesday, senior Carla Rivera was gifted a mechanical hand created for her by her own classmates and technology teacher.  Rivera was born with a birth defect that stopped her arm right below the left elbow, but with this new addition comes new opportunities. As […]

Joshua Omoloa elected MASC president; Mr. Adams wins Advisor of the Year

May 3, 2018 1:04pm | Manuel Luis, '18; contributions by Darious Brown, '18

In early April, Parkdale students traveled to Ocean City to attend a Maryland Association of Student Councils (MASC) conference. In the conference, students from around the state of Maryland attended workshops, speeches and voting sessions for next year’s MASC Executive Board officers. One year ago, […]

Senator Ben Cardin visits Parkdale; talks gun violence in schools

May 3, 2018 12:57pm | Tyrese Fields, '18

On April 13th, Senator Ben Cardin made a visit to Parkdale for the School Violence Summit held in the school library. Students and teachers had the opportunity to raise questions and concerns pertaining to gun violence directly to the senator. The library was filled with […]

Administration cancels promposals in height of prom season

May 3, 2018 12:51pm | Wendy Pheth, '18

On April 14, Parkdale administration announced to the school that “Promposals” were no longer allowed on school grounds during school hours because they caused a disturbance to the school environment. This ban seemingly occurred after one student chose to do his Promposal in the back […]

U.S. led airstrikes on Syria stirs up many questions and concerns

May 3, 2018 12:36pm | Neziah Osayi, '20

On April 14, the United States, along with allies France and Great Britain, launched airstrikes on the Syrian capital of Damascus. These airstrikes were a response to the chemical attack in Damascus the week before, which killed more than 40 Syrian people and has been […]

Parkdale’s Bryce Awono named State Student Member of the Board

April 10, 2018 7:57pm | Lola Fatinikun, '18

After applications, interviews, nominations and elections, Parkdale sophomore Bryce Awono has been named the State Student Member of the Board (SSMOB) of the 2018-2019 school year.   “I chose to run because I saw two sides to the experience of students in Maryland school system,” […]