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We’ve got spirit! Wait, do we?

April 11, 2018 12:32pm | Skylar Eury, ‘18

Throughout a students’ school career, school spirit doesn’t really promote itself until high school. Here at Parkdale, many complain about the lack of school spirit without taking in account their surroundings. Everyone wonders why the school doesn’t partake in more activities or why our activities […]

94 dollars for a test seems 94 percent crazy

April 10, 2018 1:25am | Taylor Clark, ‘19

In previous years, Prince George’s County Public Schools have paid for the Advanced Placement (AP)  exams for all students. Although this relieved AP students of the financial burden of $94 per exam, the decision to stop funding the exams came after the county stripped $6.5 […]

Lunch at Parkdale equivalent to Beltway Rush Hour

April 8, 2018 4:50am | By Wendy Pheth, ‘18

Parkdale High School, s school full of both bright and dark students–talking about their personalities, of course, where some students are studying hard and others are… well, not. . Learning all day can be pretty stressful without a break, but in the Parkdale lunch room, […]

Arming teachers could be problematic

April 5, 2018 9:31pm | Kelly Guerrero, '18

In the hopes of securing the lives of students, Maryland lawmakers are considering a bill to arm teachers, but legislation is raising eyebrows in Annapolis and getting pushback from the governor. Despite the school shootings being so close to home, senior Tavia Cox feels as […]

The ‘n-word’ is a big no-no

April 4, 2018 7:10pm | Karen Nwaogbe, '18

The N-word. It has become a term that kids of this generation use on a day-to-day basis. People say it at home, at school, sometimes even at work. When most–and I use that term lightly–people say the n-word, they’re meaning it with the “a” ending, […]

Books! Do I even remember what I read?

March 7, 2018 2:20pm | Wendy Pheth, '18

Depending on the person’s love for literacy, book assignments in school can be one of the most exciting or daunting news to hear for a student.  Many ask through moans and groans, “why do we even have to read these boring-looking books with long pages? […]

The U.S. must fix the school shooting epidemic

March 6, 2018 2:02pm | Jonathan Martinez, '18

On February 14, a 19-year-old expelled student named Nikolas Cruz walked into Parkland, Fl.’s Stoneman Douglas High School and shot and killed 17 people and sent 14 people to the hospital. This has become the deadliest school shooting massacres in U.S. history. While it is […]

Influenza makes a deadly comeback

March 6, 2018 1:39pm | Kelly Guerrero '18

  The population of Prince George’s County is suffering from what has been deadly in other states: influenza. According to DCW50, the first flu-related child death this season occurred in Baltimore, MD. Despite the fatality so close to home, flu like symptoms don’t seem very […]

Backpacks vs. Lockers: The choice isn’t yours

March 1, 2018 9:47pm | Kai Charron, '18

Having ten textbooks is a common problem for students and they normally choose to either keep the books in their locker or in their backpacks. However, we do not really get that choice at Parkdale due to its policy. Although people may have their personal […]

Lady Doritos create a socially cheesy mess

March 1, 2018 9:29pm | Taylor Clark, ‘19

Snap. Crunch. Chomp.  No matter the eater, the various sounds heard when eating Doritos are pretty much all the same.  Or are they? According to Indra Nooyi the CEO of PepsiCo, men and women eat Doritos differently. “Men lick their fingers with great glee, and […]