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The Paw Print Staff: 2018-2019


Neziah Osayi

Neziah is in his second year of working for the Paw Print. Staring off as a section editor in his sophomore year, Neziah has risen to the supreme title of Editor-in-Chief in his junior year. Since day one, Neziah has been dedicated to producing engaging, relevant and provocative articles for Parkdale students to enjoy. As Editor-in-Chief, Neziah has made a pact with Parkdale students that this newspaper will produce stories that students will care about, ask questions that administration may not like, and create a newspaper that Parkdale students can be proud of.

Associate Editor-in-Chief

Taylor Clark

Last year: minion. This year: boss. After writing (and tweeting!) for the Paw Print last year, Taylor is embarking on her senior year as the Associate Editor-in-Chief and Social Media Manager. She may be short and sweet but don’t let that fool you: she has big plans for this year.

Copy Editor/Section Editor: News

Zenaida Vasquez

Zenaida is s responsible, caring, independent young lady that only hopes for the best. She has the uplifting spirits that keeps her running through the day. As the copy editor of news and features, she performs and works swiftly.

Section Editor: News

Treasure Nesbitt

Treasure joined the Paw Print team at 17 years old. She is in her 3rd year of high school and is looking forward to giving a voice to the people. She loves makeup, and her hobbies consist of eating and sleeping.  Hope you enjoy her articles!

Section Editor: Features

Ashley Vazquez-Ramos

This is Ashley’s first year in the Paw Print News, and so far she is doing great. She has good ideas. She has a funny , caring and creative personality. She likes dogs and tacos.

Section Editor: Features

Ana Reynosa-Alvarenga

This is Ana. Yup, you may have met many but not this one. Ana is a junior at Parkdale. She is kind, fun, and caring. She is adventurous and enjoys trying new things, like writing creative articles.

Section Editor: Opinion

Rebeca Flores

Rebeca is a 17 year old junior at Parkdale. She enjoys reading, listening to music and spending time with her family. As an official member of the PHS Paw Print, she aims to write articles that will interest student as well as staff at Parkdale. Rebeca hopes you enjoy our work!

Section Editor: Opinion

Yesenia Viveros-Saavedra

Yesenia is a junior who loves to listen to music.  She’s a little shy but friendly at the same time– it’s weird, we know. It may be her first year but she’s planning on writing amazing articles for you that also bring you all the information you need to know. She can accomplish anything she puts her mind to, and she won’t let you down.

Section Editor: Entertainment & Sports

Victor Valdez Cruz

Victor is the funniest guy you’ll ever meet. He cares a lot about his work and the Paw Print news. He has pulled many all nighters trying to perfect his work and Parkdale news for you, the people of Parkdale. This is his second year on staff, and he recommends you to join Journalism.

Section Editor: Entertainment & Sports

Jailyn Munoz Miranda

Jailyn is a 17 year old junior at Parkdale. She enjoys playing piano, listening to music and playing with her dog. Jailyn hopes to inform students and staff with new and interesting information.


Alvin Chapman

Alvin is a 18 year senior who attends Parkdale. He enjoys playing and watching a variety of sports and aspires to be a sports broadcaster/analyst for a credible sports network. He has hopes to go to college and double major in English/Journalism and Marketing.


Tyler Carlson

Tyler Carlson is a sophomore at Parkdale High School. Tyler was born in San Francisco, California and moved to College Park, Maryland when he was four years old. His goal for a future career would be a computer engineer. His hobbies include discussing politics, playing video games, and working with photoshop.


Finn Sheerin

Finn has begun his second year working with the Paw Print. He likes reading, writing and generally relaxing. However, he is very focused on doing his work quickly and properly.  After he graduates in the spring, Finn intends on going to college to major in literature.


Carlos Reyes Rivera

Carlos recently became official to the Paw Print. He is a laid back type of guy who is respectful, trustworthy, and fun to be around. As a senior, he wishes that he would’ve known about this class earlier. It will give you a challenge, but once you get the hang of it, it is an amazing class! Ya should take this class ;).


Catherine Reyes-Sosa

Who is Catherine you may ask? Well she’s just your somewhat-friendly neighborhood kid who happens to be writing articles. Her goal is to have more audience on the Paw Print and to hopefully have her voice heard around school. She’s creative, kinda awkward– but her humor makes up for it–and smart.


George Reddon

George Reddon is a Maryland raised young man who loves music and art. He wants to share his enthusiasm with the youth of Parkdale by reporting on whatever he can. George will be attending the University of Maryland and wants to become an accomplished creative designer.


Yanci Zavala

This is Yanci’s first year on staff. She’s a senior and is typically an introvert. She likes to read, bake and binge watch shows in her free time. Yanci hopes to grow and gain knowledge from being part of the staff.


Nijah Smith

Three words to describe Nijah: sarcastic, dramatic, and HONEST. She enjoys making others laugh and always has information on what’s going on in the school. She plans on attending Howard University to major in health management.


Calista Dugan

Calista, a name that comes from a bear. In the myth, Calista was a nymph who was loved by Zeus but his jealous wife (Hera) turned her into a bear. That’s not the case here. Calista is a senior in high school who is new to the staff this year. Her goal of joining the Paw Print is to help Calista express her creativity and learn to become a better writer.


Elizabeth Castillo

Elizabeth is a sweet person who enjoys reading and writing. She’s very curious, which makes her great for the newspaper. Liz loves to investigate new ideas and articles that can relate to not just her but others. She hopes to provide awesome articles that attract many & also keep PHS interested in what the PHS Paw Print has to offer.


Justice John

This is Justice’s first year on staff.  He is a senior and hopes to be attending Bowie State or North Carolina A&T after graduation. By writing for the Paw Print, Justice hopes to gain some new knowledge and experiences. Justice is a student athlete as well, and this past year he was the Unsung Hero of varsity football.


Andy Moreno

Andy Moreno is a Washington DC native who moved to PG County when he was 4 years old. He is a senior who plans on going to Fortis College after graduation. He enjoys playing sports and video games.


Gissel Jimenez Berrios

Gissel is a senior at Parkdale who likes listening to music and reading. English is her forever favorite subject, and she loves food.


Divine Okon

Divine is an enthusiastic writer who cultivated the habit of writing through the guidance of his 9th grade English teacher. With the right succor, he hopes to be adept in writing and contribute greatly to development of the Paw Print. When his skilled are developed, he hopes to venture into other forms of writing.


Jamal Anderson

Jamal Anderson hopes to bring more information and interesting ideas and facts to the students of Parkdale. Next year, he is going to Universal Technical Institute to work on cars.


Raymar Jones

Raymar Jones aka Shredmaster Nasty, aka Shredmaster Nasty Sauce, aka Raymoozle is a senior at Parkdale. He is an artist and a skateboarding legend in Maryland. He has hopes of writing the perfect article this year.


Mohammad Ashkar

Mohammad Ashkar will be writing about many topics, like more security for schools. When Mohammad graduates, he wants to be a police officer to make a better community and help out others and make the world a safe environment for people.


Ms. Guevara

Before she was Ms. G, she was Brittni Guevara, Reporter.  After joining her high school newspaper as a reporter and section editor, Ms. G went on to major in print/online journalism at The Mecca, better known as Howard University.  Although her ultimate passion is inspiring minds in the classroom, she is thrilled to combine her love of education and journalism to help shape the world’s next journalists!