A Project for Better Journalism chapter

The Paw Print Staff: 2019-2020


Neziah Osayi

Neziah’s time at the mountain top of The Paw Print is nearing its close. He’s getting weary and tired, but he presses on. He knows that he has a few more great articles left in him; it only gets better from here. He’s a seasoned veteran who will take his position as Editor-in-Chief as far as it can go. And then some after! Neziah wants to close out his journalism career with an explosion of creativity, moxy, and information desperately needed by the Parkdale community.

Associate Editor-in-Chief

Zenaida Vasquez

Zenaida’s excited, but also nervous to be Associate Editor-in-Chief. She is ready to tackle down and have a good time her senior year while listening to Ms.G’s old-school jams. She is ready to go out with a bang this year. As an OG of The Paw Print staff, she can truly say journalism is the best class. #OGsAREBETTER

Chief Copy Editor

Mistura Muritala

Before starting her journalism career in 10th grade led by Ms. G, Mistura had been in her 9th grade English class. During that time, her teacher advertised the journalism class, and Mistura couldn’t resist the urge to join her sophomore year. She was curious as to what this class could teach her. She liked to watch movies and TV shows a lot and one movie in particular stood out to her. She watched Nancy Drew and she fantasized about her journalism class being like that. In her first year on staff, Mistura looks forward to stretching her language expertise because she was born and raised in Nigeria until the age of nine. When she came to America, she took every opportunity that came her way to make her parents proud. She hopes to stimulate the minds of her peers.

Chief Copy Editor

Kimberly Ortega

This is Kimberly’s first year is journalist as a sophomore. With Ms. G’s encouragement, she became interested in journalism and here she is. She loves to read and write to no limit. She hopes to be learn about things that are happening at Parkdale and inform everyone about them.

Chief Copy Editor

Joy Orimogunje

This is Joy’s first year in journalism. Joy clearly is grateful to be here even though she was forced. She likes to watch Netflix and Disney +. She enjoys staying at home, sleeping and loves to eat. She hopes she survive her first year and Ms. Guevara’s wrath. Hopefully, she doesn’t mess up but hey the night is young.

Chief Copy Editor

Aseneth Izaguirre

Aseneth never thought she was going to be sitting in a journalism class. With this being her first year on staff as a sophomore, Aseneth wants to step out of her comfort zone and wants to be more confident with her writing. Aseneth can be really quiet, but once you get to know her she’s very outgoing and laughs…a lot! Aseneth enjoys playing instruments, especially the guitar.

Web Content Manager

Victor Valdez

After years of representing The Paw Print, Victor’s time is nearing an end. Even though the road was long, the process was worth the wait. Trust and believe the memories you want to remember are all in the making on the Paw Print team. The Old Soul will continue vibing in him as long as he lives. Shoutout to Doña for the fire mixtapes. “You smart”- DJ Khaled

Web Content Manager: In Training

Roy Ortiz Caprio

Is he a tree? A building? No, its just the Marvelous Roy. After being in Ms G’s class his freshman year, the 6’2 giant realized joining journalism would allow him to be with her for the next four years. So he took the chance once he got it. Being his first year on staff, he can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Social Media Manager

Cecilia Rodriguez

During freshman year, Ms. G kept bugging Cecilia to join. At first she wasn’t too sure. However, later she found out that if she joined, she’d have Ms. G as her teacher all four years of high school. So, of course that convinced her. Now here she is, getting through her first year being on staff.

Section Editor

Ashley Vazquez

Ashley has always loved reading, and this is her second year of being part of The Paw Print staff. She has learned many skills that will help her in the future. She didn’t choose the class; the class chose her.  Although this is her senior year at PHS, she still wishes the success of The Paw Print. She still loves dogs and tacos.

Section Editor

Yesenia Viveros

Yesenia is a great addition to The Paw Print. In her second year of being on staff, she is very proud of what the paper has come to be. Yesenia is a hard worker with a big heart who can light up a room. Yesenia is charismatic and will get the job done. She is very proud of being able to be a part of The Paw Print family. 

Section Editor

Catherine Reyes

Catherine is a whole bum when it comes down to things, but when you see her in the zone, she is a hard worker. She’s not really good at writing but amazing at drawing (help me I’m illiterate; I don’t know how I’m still on The Paw Print). She loves starting fights with the newspaper staff and naps. She does her work,  don’t worry. It’s called time management. She’s great when it comes to interviews and gets straight to the point.

Section Editor: In Training

Sonah Bundu

For years of saying that she loves to write, but hates to work, we bring to you our newest member to the staff. Currently classified as a junior, Sonah is new to The Paw Print team. She is looking forward to making new connections with people and normalizing the talk around a school news site. Sonah runs track, does hair, and loves to make TikToks in her free time. You can’t forget about her youtube channel, you guys should subscribe too by the way— so’ s world (;

Section Editor: In Training

Brianna Vivar

After having Ms.G her freshman year, Bri decided that one year, she’ll join The Paw Print. Her junior year is when she decided to join and she honestly loves it. She’d rather go by Bri than her first name. In her free time, she enjoys being with the people that she loves and she also loves going out to parties. She goes to Mexico EVERY year and she enjoys it so much. Bri hopes that you enjoy all of her articles and also hopes that being on staff brings her many opportunities.

Section Editor: In Training

Amanda Addo

As a junior, Amanda has been on staff as student reporter from the start of this year. She enjoys writing, drawing and making silly creations of sorts. If she’s not making art, she’s definitely exploring it. She hopes to inspire others to be creatively weird and to always let your imagination run wild.

Section Editor: In Training

Roxanna Torres

In her first year on staff, Roxanna looks forward to seeing her articles being published and her growth as a reporter. She enjoys writing, music, and watching tons of shows/movies. She likes fashion, clothing, and thrifting, and also loves to be around her friends and the people she loves!

Section Editor: In Training

Nathaniel Timoll

Nathaniel, aka NateTheGreat, joined the staff as a sophomore and still is in his sophomore year as a journalist. Ms. Guevara taught his brother Manley when he was a senior and with a little convincing from both his brother ands Ss. Guevara, he signed up to take the class. His skills at editing an article are faster than Sonic’s speed, which made him an asset to the staff. With Jamaican in his blood, he looks to multiply his “division”(the vision) as an editor. Nate is a little spontaneous and very optimistic about anything he is passionate about.

Section Editor: In Training

Guadalupe Vidal

Guadalupe is a sophomore who loves writing, music and fashion. This being her first year in journalism, she’s very excited to be writing about various different topics. On her free time, she plays softball and paints. She hopes to one day become a journalist and travel the world in the future.

Section Editor: In Training

Anthony Amaya

Anthony is a junior who, being indecisive, flipped a coin on what he wanted his electives to be. Now this is his first year of being a reporter at The Paw Print, and he is looking forward to what articles he’ll write about.


Nick Seecharan

After years of Ms. G threatening him to join staff, he finally comes around. The man, the myth, ‘the traitor’, but mostly known as Nicholas. Being in his first year on staff for The Paw Print, there’s much room for things to go wrong. As a photographer, Nick wants to give perspective to the world.


Amie Kargbo

Amie is a 2020 senior, ND this year is her first and last year in Journalism. She is looking forward to introducing fun and exciting stories to share with her classmates. Her hobbies include writing and writing poems, which she enjoys in her leisure time.


Kaisey Olivar-Cruz

Kaisey is a senior and is on her first year on The Paw Print staff. With her role on staff, she looks forward to connecting with the audience and getting to know people more. Kaisey also hopes that The Paw Print audience will feel safe and confident to be interviewed and share their stories. Kaisey loves to hang out with animals, cook, garden, and learn new things. So please don’t be scared or shy when this short girl comes to talk to you.


Reyna Olivar-Cruz

Reyna is in the 12th grade. This is Reyna’s first year on The Paw Print staff. Reyna is looking forward to grabbing the audience attention to read her articles and also becoming a good reporter. Reyna’s hobbies are reading, drawing, caring for pets, and spending time with family. As you can see the girl on the left side, she has a twin. Please don’t be shy when Reyna walks up to you; she just wants to ask some questions.


Genesis Vasquez

In her first year of being with the staff, Genesis is excited to learn more about writing and how to become a better reporter. She got into journalism because it seemed interesting and a new experience to try out. She is excited to start writing about many different topics. Genesis is ready to learn and have fun being a reporter!


Leonel Guerrero

Leonel best known as “Leo” is a senior and its his first year on The Paw Print staff. He loves cars and the outdoors. And he also isn’t social, so leave him alone.


Ola Jaiyesimi

Joining staff, learning new things, and having the opportunity to write amazing articles is fun for her,. Being a senior and just a reporter, it’s not a lot of time to go out and discover ground breaking news, but in the time Ola has, she’ll uncover the news she can and make a fantastic headline while at it!


Oscar Amaya

A self-proclaimed grammar genie; the child stuck in a teenager’s body. Known best as simply “Oscar”, he thrives off making others smile, putting an up-most effort into all he does, and chicken nuggets.


Katherin Posada

As a senior, Katherin joined staff for the first time after not finding anymore available elective classes, though she will live to not regret it. With this new role, she hopes her articles will bring light to any situation or inform people about the news.


Jasmine Davis

Jasmine is a sophomore and in her first year on staff. She is looking forward to writing articles about interesting topics. She is a professional fangirl and likes to draw and listen to music. She hopes to improve herself and enjoy her time in journalism.


Lemoni Conde

Lemoni is a senior who is celebrating her first year on staff at Parkdale’s amazing newspaper, The Paw Print. She has always wanted to be a news anchor/reporter and believes that journalism class will elevate her to the next level! Lemoni is passionate about reporting the truth, finding the hard facts, and finding the answers to your questions about instances going on at Parkdale that you need to know about! There’s so much more to Parkdale than fighting and skipping classes, and she promises to reflect that in her stories. You’ll find content about interesting people as well as powerful and interesting stories! PHS Paw Print Reporter Lemoni Conde on your side: providing news up to the minute you’re up!


Teresa Djapa

Teresa is a senior at the Panther’s den and this is her first year on staff. Ever since she was little, she always loved stories, whether it was listening to them, reading them, or even making up her own and writing them down. She would sometimes tell her siblings fake stories that she made up. She hopes that as a reporter, she can inspire and that her articles/stories have some sort of impact.


Susan Gradys

After having Ms. G during her freshman year, Susan wanted her once again. As a sophomore, Susan has a lot of opportunities to mess up (no surprise there), but to improve, too. Yes, there are plenty of reporters but what’s unique is what is written about. Susan will complete the impossible this year!

Jayleen Larios

After having Ms. G as her freshman English teacher, she decided to join Journalism to stick with Ms. G for the four years of high school. Now she’s a sophomore, in her first year on staff. Will she keep up with everything? Find out in the next episode.


Ineza Merci

Ineza has been writing freely, on her own time, for years, from poetry to random lyrics. As a sophomore, she is just getting familiar with articles and the purpose for them with this being her first year. She is excited to be a reporter. She believes that Ms. G has prepared her well so far.

Sports Reporter

Shawn Williams

Shawn is a junior and it’s his first year on The Paw Print staff. He’s funny and an understanding person. He’s not the best at English, so it started off rough for him. He didn’t really pick the class, but as time moved on, it began to grow on him.


Tori Lewis

Tori, Tori Lori  or ToriWithoutdaLanezzz (as she’s known by her friends) is a senior and is looking forward to bringing new and interesting stories to the students of Parkdale . At first, she was kind of on the fence about this class but now she’s eager to write 🙂


Akeon Rogers

This is Akeon’s first year being a reporter, and he’s obviously nervous about it. Being the goofy and scatterbrained person he is, he hopes that he has the ability to capture his readers’ attention with his sharp humor and interesting opinions. An avid reader and self proclaimed comedy genius, Akeon gets along great with others whether it be in work or leisure. Some of his hobbies are watching anime and playing video games, and he’s on the lookout for opportunities to write about them in his time with The Paw Print.


Cathy Le

In her last year of high school, Cathy became a staff member. She is passionate to work with students and capture what she needs to hear about around the school. She likes to socialize and interact with her friends a lot. She’s very care-free and open to anybody who would like to talk to her. As a reporter, she will work on those who need helping-hands and bring good stories out there to share.

Sharrah Rondina

Senior and student-athlete Sharrah, a first-year staff member, enjoys working out and playing soccer. She likes to surround herself around positivity and likes to motivate her peers to stay optimistic. Her main goal is to become successful as a dermatologist and/or an athletic trainer. Stay safe and BE GREAT, my dudes.


Serge Acha

Serge developed an interest in web developing and and biotechnology studies. He grew up in two different countries. Having background in both cultures of the different countries, he studied web developing and received his degree in Yaoundé studies in Bastos National High School in Cameroon with the highest honor. After graduation, I studied biotechnology and I also receive a degree at UB High School, also with the highest honor in 2011.


Joel Simpson

This is Joel’s first time joining The Paw Print, and he looks forward to gaining experience, working with a crew, and supporting his future dream of going into broadcasting and journalism. Joel lives by the idea that “a vision without action is merely a dream”-Kevin Gates.


Joshvic Alvarenga

Joshvic, aka Josh, is a senior, and it’s his first first year as a reporter. Joshvic is looking forward to working with others and also learning a lot as a reporter. His hobbies are drawing and playing soccer. Joshvic also has a huge passion for science.


Jeffrey Soto

This is Jeffrey’s first year of being a reporter for The Paw Print, and he looks forward to be writing for the school article. He enjoys to practice spray painting, watch movies, and skate. He is a really nice person.


Ms. Guevara

Before she was Ms. G, she was Brittni Guevara, Reporter.  After joining her high school newspaper as a reporter and section editor, Ms. G went on to major in print/online journalism at The Mecca, better known as Howard University.  Although her ultimate passion is inspiring minds in the classroom, she is thrilled to combine her love of education and journalism to help shape the world’s next journalists!