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The Paw Print Staff: 2018-2019


Neziah Osayi

Neziah is in his second year of working for the Paw Print. Staring off as a section editor in his sophomore year, Neziah has risen to the supreme title of Editor-in-Chief in his junior year. Since day one, Neziah has been dedicated to producing engaging, relevant and provocative articles for Parkdale students to enjoy. As Editor-in-Chief, Neziah has made a pact with Parkdale students that this newspaper will produce stories that students will care about, ask questions that administration may not like, and create a newspaper that Parkdale students can be proud of.

Associate Editor-in-Chief

Taylor Clark

Last year: minion. This year: boss. After writing (and tweeting!) for the Paw Print last year, Taylor is embarking on her senior year as the Associate Editor-in-Chief and Social Media Manager. She may be short and sweet but don’t let that fool you: she has big plans for this year.

Copy Editor

Zenaida Vasquez

Zenaida is s responsible, caring, independent young lady that only hopes for the best. She has the uplifting spirits that keeps her running through the day. As the copy editor of news and features, she performs and works swiftly.

Section Editor: Entertainment & Sports

Victor Valdez Cruz

Victor is the funniest guy you’ll ever meet. He cares a lot about his work and the Paw Print news. He has pulled many all nighters trying to perfect his work and Parkdale news for you, the people of Parkdale. This is his second year on staff, and he recommends you to join Journalism.

Section Editor: Humor

Finn Sheerin

Finn has begun his second year working with the Paw Print. He likes reading, writing and generally relaxing. However, he is very focused on doing his work quickly and properly.  After he graduates in the spring, Finn intends on going to college to major in literature.


Ms. Guevara

Before she was Ms. G, she was Brittni Guevara, Reporter.  After joining her high school newspaper as a reporter and section editor, Ms. G went on to major in print/online journalism at The Mecca, better known as Howard University.  Although her ultimate passion is inspiring minds in the classroom, she is thrilled to combine her love of education and journalism to help shape the world’s next journalists!