A Project for Better Journalism chapter

The Paw Print Staff: 2017-2018


Lola Fatinikun

Her name is Lola Fatinikun. She is 18 years old. She has four people in her family: her mom, dad, older brother and twin brother. She loves to sleep, eat, watch movies and hang out with her friends. She finds delight and passion in both soccer and tennis. She is both an extrovert and an introvert. She is compassionate, determined, funny and loves to laugh and have a good time. As the Editor-in-Chief, she is excited to lead her class as well as help the Paw Print succeed!  


Kai Charron

Kai Charron is currently a Junior at Parkdale High School, aspiring to become a prosecutor. He is a pragmatic, creative, and logical person. Kai decided to join the Journalism team due to his interest in becoming a better writer, and become better at forming fact based opinions. He also enjoys debating people on a multitude of topics, especially politics. Due to his differing views from the norm, he possesses a unique perspective that can bring a fresh view to the Paw Print. Kai hopes to bring success and power to the school though the Paw Print, and at the same time conquering and vanquishing all those who would choose to oppose the Paw Print.  In his spare time, Kai likes to study psychology, watch anime, or play video games.

Associate Editor

Manuel Luis

The Prince of Parkdale, Manuel Luis is truly a living legend. Manuel grew up to be one of the world’s greatest mysteries as he can literally do anything he puts his mind to. Like a spaceship ready to begin voyage, Manuel is set to blast off.

Associate Editor

Precious Adetayo-Oguntade

Precious is the Associate Editor for the Paw Print. Born and raised in Ogun state,Nigeria, Precious describes herself as “a mother-like figure, an ambivert, strong-willed and a brutally honest person.”  She loves to watch TV shows, like Stranger Things,the Flash and Asian dramas. Precious is currently a senior in the International Baccalaureate program. She loves to sew, read books and watch makeup videos on her spare time. She hopes to make the Paw Print engaging and exciting for the community.

Web Content Manager

Tyrese Fields

Tyrese Fields is a seventeen year old senior who is originally from Guyana. Moving from his home country to the state of Maryland has a opened him to new experiences, skills, people, and places. Tyrese is taking on the responsibilities of being the Web Content Manager for the Paw Print, whereby he will strive to not only improve on himself, but also to bring a successful school newspaper to Parkdale. Aside from his duties for the Paw Print, he is one of the ten Capital One Student Interns and a student that has a strong desire for academic excellence. Tyrese is eager to learn and improve on his writing, editing, and networking skills from Journalism, which he intends to utilize throughout his college career.

Web Content Manager

Wendy Pheth

Wendy Pheth is a senior at Parkdale High School. She’s a huge anime lover and is proud of it. Wendy serves as the secretary for the Asian club, as well as a Web Content Manager for for the Paw Print. She can be fun exciting and is dedicated to her work. Her hobbies consist of sleeping and drawing. Her birthday is on December 21st and she wants everyone to know about it. Wendy hates when people are standing in the middle of the hallway. She always had the bottom locker, all throughout high school, and hates it very much. She also doesn’t like seeing people making out in the middle of the hallway when she’s trying to go to class. Wendy loves candies so if you have any that you don’t want, give it to her. Her friends says that she makes weird faces sometimes and can be really goofy.

Copy Editor

Isabella Muehlinghaus

Isabella Muehlinghaus is a sophomore at Parkdale High School, class of 2020. Isabella has high hopes for the future and likes to spread around and share positive vibes with those close to her heart. In her free time, she enjoys writing short stories, listening to music, and spending time with her pets and loved ones. She hopes to learn skills in editing and publishing from this course and hopes to give fun and informative reports for the Paw Print!

Copy Editor

Andre Honore

Meet Parkdale senior and copy editor Andre Honore, a.k.a the man of many instruments and languages. In this picture, he is holding his main instrument: the (alto) saxophone. He also plays other instruments such as the tuba, trombone, cello and more. Aside from music, Andre played as a lineman on the Parkdale football team for two years. He is a student taking classes at PGCC while still in high school, and in his free time, a video game fan whose favorite game is Skyrim. When it comes to writing essays and such, he is an excellent writer.  He wants to use his writing skills to write video game reviews about games that he wants people to know or learn more about and uses an Afterglow Prismatic controller for his gaming sessions.

News Section Editor

Neziah Osayi

Neziah Osayi. It is believed that he is one quarter Japanese, while the other three quarters are still unknown to modern science. When Neziah was born, the entire country of Canada was literally considering to change its name to Neziah-stan. He was a miracle baby as he was able to accomplish feats that Hercules and Bruce Lee couldn’t even dream about. But it wasn’t enough. As he saw the world around him crumble to corruption and bad memes, Neziah needed to take action. He put on his favorite homeless man sweater and joined the Paw Print. Under the over-qualified leadership of a Ms. Brittni “Reindeer” Guevara, Neziah puts his plans for world domination on hold in exchange for educating the world. Neziah has a good thirty years left before he must return to his home in the polluted West Virginia rivers. So through the power of the newspaper, Neziah hopes to use his holy power for good and use his less unholy power after senior year.

Features Section Editor

Jada Weathers

Jada is a sophomore at Parkdale High School. She never considered taking a journalism class until her ninth grade English teacher, Ms.Guevara, suggested she join. Jada is also a very outgoing person and is very goal-oriented. She is an aspiring OB/GYN and has volunteered at Doctors Community Hospital over the summer of 2017. Jada is also a member of the Business Of Cosmetology (BOC) after-school program at Parkdale.

Pop Culture Section Editor

Victor Valdez-Rodriguez

Victor is a sophomore at Parkdale and a fabulous Section Editor who will continuously approve all the work that’s given to him. He works day and night perfecting the details as much as possible. Victor believes that this job is the most important because without a section editor, the mistakes will be shown. Victor’s skill are so outstanding, he makes other section editor delete their existence. The Paw Print feels as if their company has grown exponentially because of Victor and his hard work.

Opinion/Humor Section Editor

Zenaida Vasquez

Zenaida Vasquez is a sophomore and section editor in the Paw Print. She is a fantastic, hardworking, and true editor. She loves writing and a place where she can think creatively. Zenaida is the nicest person you will meet, but she can be timid at times. She has a good heart and wants everyone to do their best. If you ever need with anything she will happily help out. A couple of Zenaida´s favorite hobbies are to read and write. She loves exploring and thinking of new things to read and write. She supports anyone who wants to join the Paw Print news team, but they must be ready to work hard and truthfully report the news.

Social Media Manager

Taylor Clark

Taylor Clark is a junior at Parkdale High School. She has always had an interest in writing but never really considered it as something to pursue until she saw it on the course list. Taylor is a cheerleader and an AP student. She is an avid Marvel and DC Comic fan. Taylor feels that being apart of the newspaper is a great honor and cant wait. Taylor is a section editor for the Entertainment section. She is excited to write for the Paw Print and can’t wait for students and staff to read it.

Sports Section Editor

Gabriela Sanchez

Gabriela Sanchez is a sophomore at Parkdale High School. She works as a Sports Section Editor for the school newspaper, The Paw Print. She always had an interest in writing, so her friend convinced her to sign up for journalism class with Ms. Guevara. Gabriela loves photography, art and k-pop. Her writing and creative skills are great, and she loves makeup and fashion. She aspires to be a photographer.

News Section Editor

Kelly Guerrero Portillo

Kelly Guerrero was born in NW D.C. 18 years ago and later moved to Maryland in the hopes of accomplishing more than she could ever imagine. Kelly indulges in helping others as well as playing tennis. Being a student who is ambitious, determined, self-driven, independent and optimistic has allowed her to be where she is today. As the News Section Editor, she hopes to bring awareness to different topics that will speak volume to the lives of others. Her goal is to gain more enhanced writing skills as she will be going off to college soon. She hopes to put all of her attributes to work in order to help the Paw Print flourish.

Features/Humor Section Editor

Jonathan Martinez

Jonathan is a senior at Parkdale who is passionate about student rights and issues and believes in equality for all people, regardless of any labels. Being part of the LGBT community, he is a proud young man who likes examining issues that communities, like his own, are facing. His hobbies include writing poetry and stories, studying psychology and English literature as well as checking up on news and politics. One of his favorite quotes is “Do not wish for an easy life but the strength to endure a difficult one.” It inspires him to keep fighting for what he believes in and encourages others to have their opinions heard to have productive discussions that show the diversity of thought, while also maintaining respect for all differences.

Entertainment/Opinion Section Editor

Vivian Delprado

Vivian Labis Del Prado is an 18-year-old senior at Parkdale High School. She is a simple girl, she can be a tomboy at times, but also be very girly in other times. She can be very persistent in the things she is very passionate about.  She loves her friends and family so much that she would do anything for them. Other than being a high school student, she also plays Lacrosse for Parkdale, works at McDonald’s, in Peer Forward, and is writing in the Paw Print for Parkdale. She doesn’t really consider herself the best writer, but the more we write for Journalism, she believes she actually getting better. After high school, she wants to get into an university and get her Bachelor’s degree in Nursing and become a registered nurse. Later in life, she wants to travel the world and eventually have a family. She is hoping for the Paw Print to be a huge success.

Sports Section Editor

Finn Sheerin

Finnian Sheerin is a junior at Parkdale High School. He loves to read and likes taking pictures and loves writing stories. Finn is excited to be a reporter for the Paw Print because he loves writing and is very good at it. He’s also very good at taking pictures, and has an eye for detail, so he can find mistakes easily. Finn is also a very cooperative person, and when he needs to, he can easily work with others to get a story. Finn is looking forward to writing several stories and working with the other members of the newspaper.

Photographer/Staff Writer

Jovial Njinyi

Jovial Njinyi is a 12th grade IB senior at Parkdale High School. She participates in many after school activities, including being the Vice President of African Student Association. She cares about the life of her school and works towards more student involvement. Being that education is very important to her, her favorite subjects include math and English. She enjoys dancing and watching movies in her spare time. Whenever she can, she tries to give back to the community by volunteering. She aspires to be an anesthesiologist and hopes to make the Paw Print a platform for student voices.

Photographer/Staff Writer

Leprence Kitt

Leprence is a really good student that really likes to learn and tries his best at whatever he does. Leprence was born in Virginia but raised in Washington D.C and Maryland. Leprence wants to be happy by either going to a good college and achieving academic success or pursuing his dream as a YouTube creator.

Photographer/Staff Writer

Darious Brown

Darious Jay Brown was born on February 18, 2000, in San Diego, California. He moved to Maryland and started attending Parkdale High School his 10th grade year.  Darious plays the flute, rides his skateboards, plays video games, and enjoys spending time with his friends during and after school. He is currently the treasurer of the Parkdale Band and is positioned as the S6 as a 1LT for the Parkdale’s Army JROTC.  Darious is in a variety of clubs, including Asian Club, Liberty’s Promise, and Chess Club.  After graduation, Darious plans on going to Greece and attending Hellenic Open University, training to become a Bounty Hunter. Throughout this year as a Journalist/Photographer, he will give it his all and expects the best out of it!

Photographer/Staff Writer

Skylar Eury

Skylar is a senior at Parkdale High School. She is working with Ms. Guevara and the rest of the Parkdale Paw Print team to bring their audience cold hard facts about the life around Parkdale. Skylar will be covering stories related to sports inside Parkdale, so if you like information on Baseball, Soccer, Basketball, etc. she is the one to look into. Skylar will also be a part of the photography portion of the Paw Print so, if you see any nice pictures throughout the paper some of them might just be hers!

Photographer/Staff Writer

Ibrahim Camara

Ibrahim is a 16 year junior. He is an upcoming DMV photographer/videographer/director/ editor. He is one of the photographers for the Paw Print and hopes to bring good shots and stories to the organization.

Photographer/Staff Writer

Jason Velasquez

Jason Velasquez, a name not well known but on the rise. He doesn’t try to stand out because that really isn’t his personality, but he’ll slowly make his appearance. Born in Providence, D.C. but raised in Maryland, he was always accustomed to the DMV. He’s a person who has dreams and he’s going to see them through no matter what it takes. Tending to get distracted at times, he tries to find his way back, whether it’s from his friends’ support or some time alone to contemplate. A very mellow character who likes to have fun wherever he can find it, Jason is definitely someone you don’t want to miss meeting in person. If you see him person, feel free to say hi.   

Staff Writer

Michael Kalu

Michael is a student at Parkdale high school who is finally entering his last year of high school, 12th grade. Throughout his years at Parkdale, he has been known to be very “energetic” and “enthusiastic” from his classmates and teachers. Since middle school, Michael has worked on writing long stories and engaging his audience in his storytelling. In his free time, he enjoys playing sports, particularly basketball and football, and usually he likes to write about sports and local news anytime he gets a chance.

Staff Writer/Columnist

Elena Perea-Hernandez

Elena Perea is a senior at Parkdale High School. She is 17 years old, turning 18 on June 21. Elena hopes to give insight on what is going on around the world. What Elena hopes to get out of this class is new skills on communicating, as well figuring out how the news community works in order to let the world know about the truth. She also hopes to learn the importance of trustworthy news and realize how much work there is put into creating a story. She will be posting about the entertainment industry. On her free time, Elena likes to sleep and play with her dog. She also likes listening to heavy metal music and playing soccer. In general, she just hopes to bring awareness to the student body.

Staff Writer

Tyler Carlson

Tyler Carlson is a sophomore at Parkdale High School. Tyler was born in San Francisco, California and moved to College Park, Maryland when he was four years old. His goal for a future career would be a computer engineer. His hobbies include discussing politics, playing video games, and working with photoshop. Tyler is a moderate liberal/classical liberal who doesn’t find hatred in political labels, just the awful horrendous ideas that may be attached. He may have political biases but tries to view political stories with a secular mindset, trying to debunk any idea rather than bash any idea he opposes while having no real argument to back him up. If he offends anyone, he would sincerely like to say “debate me”.

Staff Writer

Chris Wright

Christopher Wright, better known as Chris, is a 17 year old senior. He likes to play sports, like basketball and football. He is a hard working student when he puts his mind into he does. Even though Chris didn’t sign up for this class, he is still going to try and make the best of it and help the Paw Print succeed!

Staff Writer/Columnist

Ashia Moore

Ashia Moore is an IB senior of the class of 2K18.  Ashia is a music and anime lover who enjoys the thrills of sleeping, even though she does not get a lot. She enjoys dancing, reading, sleeping, Minnie Mouse, animals, and baking. Ashia, although shy at first, is really a loud-mouth jokester who loves playing around. If you ever see her arounds, she’s either listening to music, watching Netflix or dancing in the hallway. She dislikes having the bottom lockers for the past three years, peanut butter, and milk. Being a Sagittarius, she is curious and has a fiery personality so watch out.  She is an active senior member of the Asian club and is not afraid to speak up for herself. Ashia is a columnist for the Paw Print who will be writing about her opinions on local issues.

Staff Writer

Michael Blocker

Michael Blocker is the name to remember, a Parkdale high school senior. The name will ring bells sooner than later, he is a outstanding person and a overachiever. Michael plans on attending Bowie State University in the fall. He has always been the man with the plan ever since he was a young child. What separates him from the rest of his peers? His answer:when it rains, let it pour, meaning that hard times never last but your dedication should always be there. This guy right here brings a lot of light to his generation of people. He aspires to be a movie director and to get more exposure to the entertainment business. “No one knows my struggle they only see the trouble”-Tupac.

Staff Writer

Dare Abayomi

Dare was born on January 31, 1999 in Silver Spring, Maryland. He wants to study political science and he is looking forward to play college football at a Division-3 school. Since Dare was three years old, he struggled to communicate with others since he has an autism. However, he learned that he could use sign language to communicate to people in a different way. When he was six years old, he learned to talk to people, but then he talked too much! Dare will be graduating from Parkdale in May.

Staff Writer

Ernesto Villa-Morales

Ernesto Villa, also known by many as Tito, is a 17 year old student of Parkdale High School who will graduate this school year. He was born in D.C. but raised in Maryland by Mexican parents. He carries that amazing Mexican blood, making him outstanding! He wishes to do great things in life and make his parents proud for once. However, it proves to be difficult ’cause life’s a beach, but he still perseveres in reaching his goals of one day walking on the moon and dabbing on them haters who said he couldn’t do it.

Staff Writer

Manley Timoll

Manley is very persistent and will stop at nothing until he has found the right news. A right news to Manley is news that will make your mouth water, news that will blow your mind, news that you cannot find anywhere else but at Paw Print. Manley will report the news like he enjoys his job and will work tirelessly to get Paw Print readers the information they crave. All the latest drama from celebrities to high school break ups….well actually not that but celebrity breakups for sure! If you want someone who will put his pen on the paper and his fingers on the keyboard, then hit up Manley. Manley is a person of pure heart and someone who thrives with a passion in journalism.

Staff Writer/Columnist

Karen Nwaogbe

Karen is a Parkdale senior who describes herself as afrocentric, outspoken, and an uplifting kind of girl. She thrives off of helping students through injustices with the school system– yes, she believes this school is a system. Her idea of the newspaper is to express the actual feelings and emotions that many students wouldn’t have the resources to do. She is a Columnist of the Paw Print, who offers commentary and opinions on different issues.  She’s a very hardworking, and bold person. However she has a temper, so makes sure to be on her good side if you would like your story to be broadcasted in her section of the newspaper! 

Staff Writer

Fuanyi Nzeffe

Fuanyi  is a senior at Parkdale High School, a former yearbook staff member, a soccer player, and a very lovely young lady who is spontaneous, energetic, nice, playful,friendly, welcoming, and much more. She is a member of the Paw Print staff, who is in charge of reporting news. She loves her family, friends and peers very much. One quote that motivates her is “Defeat to me is like a foreign language.” She is an all-round student and a very hardworking person. Born on May 13th, Fuanyi’s star/zodiac sign is Taurus, making her compatible with mostly Virgo and Pisces. Se is a very picky eater, an expensive shopper and loves long car rides.

Staff Writer

Felipe Guzman

Felipe is a senior at Parkdale High School. He is patient for anything and always takes his time to come up with whatever is best for him. He reviews anything from music, movies, food and more. All this exclusive content is only available in “The Paw Print”. If you’re looking for someone to give their honest opinion on something, Felipe is the right person to go to.  Felipe plays guitar on a daily basis. He also wants to travel and play music for other people. He enjoys listening to music and going to concerts.  Felipe mostly likes to listen to “Imagine Dragons”. He also likes photography and walking his dog.