In the 2017-2018 school year, after roughly a decade without a newspaper, 36 Parkdale students, from sophomores to seniors, took on the task and created: The Paw Print.

Prior to its release, Parkdale’s student publication was known as The Core, created with the help of IB Coordinator Ms. Shayne Swift and then-Parkdale senior Julian Glover, who is now a Cleveland-based news anchor. While The Core saw much success in its year of publication, it was unable to stay afloat upon Glover’s exit from Parkdale.

Ten years later, English teacher and The Paw Print adviser Ms. Brittni Guevara was selected to revitalize and revamp Parkdale’s student-run publication, creating what is now The Paw Print. With the help of both students and staff, the reporters of The Paw Print, many of who admittedly did not originally sign up for the class, put in long hours of research, reporting, interviewing, editing and designing to make The Paw Print what it is today.

We pay homage to The Paw Print staff of 2017-2018 for paving the way to more journalistic greatness in the future.

Editors-in-Chief                   Associate Editors-in-Chief            Web Content Managers
Lola Fatinikun, ’18                   Manuel Luis, ’18                                    Tyrese Fields, ’18
Kai Charron, ’19                        Precious Adetayo, ’18                          Wendy Pheth, ’18

Section Editors                                                                                Social Media Manager
Neziah Osayi,’ 20                       Victor Valdez, ’20                                Taylor Clark, ’19
Jada Weathers, ’20                     Gabriela Sanchez, ’20
Zenaida Vasquez, ’20                 Kelly Guerrero,’ 18

Staff Writers
Ernesto Villa-Morales, ’18         Isabella Muehlinghaus, ’20               Jovial Njinyi, ’18
Skylar Eury, ’18                             Tyler Carlson, ’20                               Finn Sheerin, ’19
Karen Nwaogbe, ’18                     Vivian Delprado, ’18                          Michael Kalu, ’18
Michael Blocker, ’18                     Jason Velasquez, ’18                          Darious Brown, ’18
Ashia Moore, ’18                           Dare Abayomi, ’18                              Manley Timoll, ’18
Leprence Kitt, ’19                         Ibrahim Camara, ’19                           Elena Perea, ’18
Felipe Guzman, ’18                       Fuanyi Nzeffe, ’18                              Chris Wright, ’18
Jonathan Martinez, ’18                Andre Honoroe, ’18

Some members of the original Paw Print staff during the 2017-2018 school year.